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United States Coast Guard Application – Apply Online At United States Coast Guard Today

United States Coast Guard Job Application Online

The U.S. Coast Guard is the maritime branch of the Armed Forces, providing a unique blend of coastal law enforcement services, emergency response services, and environmental services.  The Coast guard has jurisdiction in international as well as U.S. waters, but unlike the Navy, keeps its forces concentrated along the coastlines of the U.S.  Join the fleet with your United States Coast Guard online application for employment.

 United States Coast Guard Jobs Available

You may submit a United States Coast Guard application form for any of the following positions: Aviation Maintenance Technician, Aviation Survival Technician, Avionics Technician, Boatswain’s Mate, Damage Control man, Electrician’s Mate, Electronics Technician, Food Service Specialist, Gunner’s Mate, Health Service Technician, Information Systems Technician, Investigator, Machinery Technician, Marine Science Technician, Musician, Operations Specialist (OS), Public Affairs Specialist, Port Security Specialist, Storekeeper, and Yeoman.

Minimum Employment Age At United States Coast Guard:

The United States Coast Guard job application online is available to applicants of eighteen years or older (or seventeen with the signed permission of a parent) up to twenty seven years.

Important Tips To Apply Online With United States Coast Guard

  • Click the “Find Your Career” tab of the Go Coast Guard website to read about available jobs and career paths, general qualifications for Coast Guard Jobs, a search tool for available jobs, and other resources, as well as a link to the United States Coast Guard online application.
  • Along with the United States Coast Guard job application form, the “Careers” section of the web page includes informational videos highlighting some of the different job types available with the U.S. Coast Guard.
  • In order to apply with the United States Coast Guard, you must have completed a high school diploma, or earned a G.E.D. with an additional fifteen credits of college course work.

Most Common Positions At United States Coast Guard & Income Information

Your involvement with the U.S. Coast Guard may come in the capacity of a full time career, or as a member of the U.S. Coast Guard Reserve, for which you receive training, a schedule which can be integrated with another full-time career, and part-time pay and benefits for your service.  Your salaried career beginning with your United States Coast Guard job application can lead to positions dealing with business and operations, administration, computer sciences, electronics and technology, emergency management and response, engineering and applied science, facilities upkeep, fuel and propulsion systems, future technology development, transportation, health and medicine, coastal intelligence, legal matters, logistics and transportation, maintenance and repair, safety and law enforcement, environmental operation,maritime patrol, or coastal aviation.

United States Coast Guard Benefits

Professional training and education is one of the most widely recognized benefits of a career with the United States Coast Guard.  The Coast Guard provides professional training for technical and operational positions and provides resources for professional education for aspiring lawyers, emergency medical technicians, and health care professionals.  Whether your United States Coast Guard application leads you to an enlisted job or a commissioned officer’s job, you will enjoy the benefits of the Armed Forces’ TRICARE health coverage, life and disability insurance, provided food and housing, pension and retirement planning, veteran benefits, and soldier and family services.  Specialty trainings available through the U.S. Coast Guard include marine science training related to environmental response functions of the Coast Guard.

To visit United States Coast Guard’s website click here.

You can learn more about other jobs in the Armed Forces.

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