Batteries Plus Application

Batteries Plus Application – Apply Online At Batteries Plus Today

Batteries Plus Job Application Online

If you are interested in working at Batteries Plus, you can fill out a Batteries Plus online application for employment.  You are able to attach a resume, too.

Batteries Plus Jobs Available

There are several jobs you can apply for if you want to work at Batteries Plus.  These include: Store Associate, Administrative Assistant, Store Manager, Store Technician Associate, Assistant Store Manager, Retail Sales Associate, System Administrator, Application Support Supervisor, Bookkeeper, Product Support Representative, Commercial Sales Manager, Product Data Specialist, Director of Field Operations, and Outside Sales Representative.

Minimum Employment Age At Batteries Plus:

You have to be at least eighteen to work at Batteries Plus.

Batteries Plus Store Hours

Batteries Plus is open Monday through Saturday from 8:00am-8:00pm and 11:00am-5:00pm on Sundays.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Batteries Plus

When you go to fill out a Batteries Plus online application, allow plenty of time to fill out your answers completely.  You will want to provide enough information so they can decide to call you for an interview.

The Batteries Plus job application form asks about your responsibilities at your previous employment.  This is the place to highlight job duties that will apply to the position you are applying for with Batteries Plus.  Most recruiters are looking for the best applicant with the most experience.

You can also list your awards and scholarships you have received on the Batteries Plus application form.  You don’t have to mention every one you have gotten, but list anything that may pertain to retail or sales.

There is a section on the Batteries Plus job application that asks for your skills and qualifications; it is here that you list computer programs and equipment that you know how to use.  You can put anything that you are capable of using to show that you have the ability to learn new programs or equipment.

You will also find a section on the Batteries Plus application to list references.  You can list character references, but at least three of those you choose must be work related.  If this is your first full-time job, you can list people from part-time jobs or summer work.  You can even list people from places you volunteered or did intern work for.

Your references can be from high school days, such as babysitting or mowing lawns.  Of course, if you have held regular jobs, those references will be the most helpful.

Before you submit your Batteries Plus application form, make sure to read it over.  Look for any errors or any changes you would like to make.  Pay attention to the grammar and wording as well as spelling.

Most Common Positions At Batteries Plus & Income Information

You will find sales associate job openings and store management positions available.

Batteries Plus Benefits

Because each location is a franchise, the benefits will vary.  They all have an excellent benefit package with healthcare insurance for employees, paid time off, 401k plans, and other benefits.  Part-time employees get discounts on merchandise.

To visit Batteries Plus’s website click here.

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