Big 10 Tires Application

Big 10 Tires Application – Apply Online At Big 10 Tires Today

Big 10 Tires Job Application Online

If you want to apply for a position with Big 10 Tires, you can download a Big 10 Tires online application to print out and mail or fax.  You can include your resume with the Big 10 Tires application form.

Big 10 Tires Jobs Available

A Big 10 Tires application will allow you to apply for the following jobs: Store Manager, Tire Sales Associate, Assistant Store Manager, Auto Technician, Service Manager, General Service Technician, Tire Tech, and ASE Certified Technician.

Minimum Employment Age At Big 10 Tires:

You have to be at least eighteen to work at Big 10 Tires.

Big 10 Tires Store Hours

Big 10 Tires is open seven days a week.  From Monday through Saturday, they are open 7:00am-6:00pm and on Sundays, their hours are 10:00am-4:00pm.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Big 10 Tires

In the Personal section of the Big 10 Tires online application for employment, you are asked what your desired salary is.  It is always best to put negotiable to allow you a chance to prove your value before quoting a dollar amount.  They also ask if you are willing to work overtime.  Being willing to work extra will give you an advantage over other candidates.

You are also asked if you have any special skills.  You should list any equipment or computer programs you can use.  Also mention if you can speak a foreign language, especially if it is one that is prevalent in that location.

You will have to disclose your driving record on the Big 10 Tires job application form.  Be honest; do not attempt to lie or you will be removed from consideration.  If you have had any accidents or moving violations, list them.  There is a place for comments where you can explain the situation.  However, this should only be used for clarification, not to justify why you got a ticket.

On the Big 10 Tires job application, you will also have to list the reasons for any employment gaps.  You may have taken a break from working to attend college full time.  If so, list that reason.  Give a valid reason for all time spent without work, even if you were just looking for a job.

Even though you are not required to include a resume with your application, it looks more professional if you have one attached.  It will show that you are serious about getting hired if you have a resume tailored for the job to add with the application.

Most Common Positions At Big 10 Tires & Income Information

Big 10 Stores offer their employees a competitive wage, which is based on the position and the level of experience of the candidate.

You will find sales associate positions open and tech positions that you can apply for.

Big 10 Tires Benefits

Employees enjoy health insurance with Big 10 Tires and they can participate in the company’s 401k plan for retirement.  There are other benefits that are dependent on the position held and the location.

To visit Big 10 Tires’s website click here.

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