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CARQUEST Application – Apply Online At CARQUEST Today

CARQUEST Job Application Online

You can visit the company’s website and fill out a CARQUEST online application.  However, you must first register on the site to be given access to the application.  You can view open jobs before registering.  You can also visit a local store if you would rather pick up a paper CARQUEST job application.

CARQUEST Jobs Available

There are many positions for which you can fill out a CARQUEST job application and be considered for employment.  These jobs include: Sales Associate, Customer Service Delivery Teammate, Store Manager, Sales Representative, Assistant Store Manager, Information Technology Specialist, Warehouse Supervisor, Auto Part Handler, Pricing Specialist, Machinist, Product Manager, Operations Manager, Supply Chain & Logistics Manager, Administrative Assistant, Planner, Training & Instructional Design Manager, and Distribution Center Manager.

Minimum Employment Age At CARQUEST:

You are required to be eighteen to work at CARQUEST.

CARQUEST Store Hours

CARQUEST is open Monday through Friday 8:00am to 6:00pm and Saturday 8:00am to 5:30pm.  They are not open on Sundays.

Important Tips To Apply Online With CARQUEST

The CARQUEST online application for employment is only for corporate jobs.  If you want to work in a local store, you will need to apply in person and ask for a CARQUEST application.

You can attach a resume to the CARQUEST job application form, but you should fill out all fields on the application even if they are answered in your resume.  Some people put “see resume” in the application fields, but many recruiters do not like to go back and forth between a resume and an application.

Take the time to read over the CARQUEST application form before you begin to fill it out.  Make sure you know the information they are requesting and take time to think about your answers.  You should sound professional, but be honest on your level of experience.

Hiring managers are often more critical of spelling and grammar errors than they are about lack of experience.  Pay close attention to what you write on your application and make sure it is error free.

Most Common Positions At CARQUEST & Income Information

You will find several management positions open and sales associate jobs, along with customer service openings.  Many positions are entry level but you can promote up once you have spent some time in a position.

CARQUEST is competitive to other automotive stores with their salary rates.  They pay based on experience and location.


Full time employees receive medical insurance with prescription coverage, and dental and vision insurance.  They also get disability and life insurance and sick and personal leave.  They get paid holidays and vacation and they can participate in the flexible spending account.  They are eligible for the 401k plan with company match and stock ownership.

Employees can get reimbursed for tuition costs and they receive discount on products.  The company also has an employee assistance program for various issues that employees may face.

Part time employees get a reduced medical plan and they can participate in the 401k plan.  They also get paid vacation after service of one year.

To visit CARQUEST’s website click here.

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