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Color Glo International Job Application Online

Color Glo International is quite simply the world-leader in elite quality leather repair and restoration. From simple scratches to complete overhauls and from automobiles to massive commercial projects, Color Glo has a long-standing portfolio that covers it all. Founded in 1975, the company now has hundreds of owned and franchised units spanning several countries outside the US, along with a mainstay of branches on domestic turf. A unique environmentally friendly process ensures flawless results without having an impact on the planet, adding peace of mind to an already market-leading package. If you fancy your chances as a leather repair technician or any position available at this one-of-a-kind brand, the Color Glo International online application for employment could be for you.

Color Glo International Jobs Available

You may submit a Color Glo International application form for any of the following positions: Leather Repair Technician, Administration Worker, Marketing Specialist and many more.

Minimum Employment Age at Color Glo International

The Color Glo International job application online is available to applicants of 18 years or older.

Color Glo International Store Hours

Color Glo usually works by making appointments with clients in line with the nature and size of the job. Some commercial projects may have to be tackled during evening hours while other day-to-day tasks are addressed during office hours. Expect seven day service across the board, however and varying shift patterns between early morning and late night.

Important Tips to Apply Online With Color Glo International

  • The Color Glo International online application is primarily aimed at those with a vested interest in the textile industry or those with relevant experience. While there are often entry-level positions on the admin side of things, you’ll stand a far better chance if you can communicate your relevance to the industry.
  • When completing your Color Glo International job application form, try to remember that this is the kind of company that doesn’t set out to hire fair-weather workers just looking to fill gaps. They always go after long-term employees that can be retained for life and trained to climb the ranks.
  • Follow up your application with either a telephone call or an in-person visit to a Color Glo location in order to get a good idea of what goes on during the average day – it could help a great deal with the subsequent interview process.

Most Common Positions at Color Glo International & Income Information

The most common position at Color Glo is that of repair technician – the individuals and teams responsible for carrying out the repairs to the fabrics and restorations. As this is a role that requires specialist training, salaries or hourly wages are negotiated in accordance with the experience and skill-level of the individual applying. For those filling out their Color Glo International job application for a more entry-level admin role, hourly pay is always above minimum wage and quickly increments with time.

Color Glo International Benefits

Perhaps the most appealing benefit of scoring a job with Color Glo is the prospect of a rewarding career for life. The firm boasts a relatively low employee turnover rate and those that show the right drive and determination quickly excel into much higher positions. Among the benefits offered to long-term employees are paid leave, sick pay, flexible scheduling, health and dental plans, bonus schemes and an array of pension plans. Fill out the Color Glo International application today and an exceptional career could follow.

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