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Colors on Parade Application – Apply Online At Colors on Parade Today

Colors on Parade Job Application Online

Colors on Parade is the original body shop on wheels – bringing the skills of elite auto repair and restoration experts to motorists all over the country. We all know the horror of suffering a dent, ding or deep scratch to a beloved auto – Colors on Parade supplies the heroes needed to put things right. A multi award-winning brand with dozens of accolades, Colors on Parade has branched out across the US with a total of 31 units to date. From rental car agencies to commercial vehicles and right through to the standard family car, if there’s damage or wear to speak of you can rest assured Colors on Parade has it covered. So if you’ve got the right passion for people and a flair for finery in the auto department, fill out the Colors on Parade online application for employment today.

Colors on Parade Jobs Available

You may submit a Colors on Parade application form for any of the following positions: Interior Repair Specialist, Dent Repair Specialist, Restoration Specialist, Administrator, Franchise Owner and many more besides.

Minimum Employment Age at Colors on Parade

The Colors on Parade job application online is available to applicants of 18 years or older.

Colors on Parade Store Hours

In order to find out the precise opening hours of your chose Colors on Parade unit you will have to use the “Contact Us” form on the company website. Body shop hours vary in accordance with location, size and specialty though will for the most part be open every day of the week from early morning until around 8pm.

Important Tips to Apply Online With Colors on Parade

  • The Colors on Parade online application is really only of use to those with relevant industry experience or a provable passion for auto repair and restoration. If looking for a basic or low-skilled job just to bridge a gap or kill some time, look elsewhere.
  • If possible, accompany your Colors on Parade job application form with genuine examples of your success to date – anything related to auto repair would be pure gold. If you can literally show them how good you are with proof of what you’ve done before, your chances are much higher.
  • As all franchises under the brand are slightly different in terms of specialism, opening hours and general services, be sure to get in touch with your chosen shop to ask as many questions as necessary to help your application.

Most Common Positions at Colors on Parade& Income Information

You can submit a Colors on Parade job application for pretty much any position connected with the repair and restoration of vehicles. No specific position is more popular or common than any other as each franchise body shop under the brand is at least slightly different. Your chances of being taken on and also the income you can expect will depend on the skills and experience you possess, along with the time you’ve already spent in the auto industry. Even at the bottom of the ladder though, salaries are well above national averages and promotion prospects are great.

Colors on Parade Benefits

Any Colors on Parade application can lead to a fantastic career if the applicant really is dedicated to the industry and passionate about perfection. This represents a huge benefit in its own right, but in addition there is ongoing training offered, flexible hours, health plans, sick leave, paid holidays and pension schemes for those that stay long-term.

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