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Paint Bull Job Application Online

The Paint Bull enterprise specializes in the niche market of mobile repair services, bringing automotive repair to the customer who needs a paint repair, dent repair, or interior repair on a vehicle.  The company offers an apprenticeship program to prospective employees, and serves the needs of used car dealerships who need cars refurbished for sale, and who don’t have the time or the inclination to take their autos to an in-store shop and wait for repairs on someone else’s premises. Offering a range of refurbishing services that include repair to windshields, rims, headlights, dents, interiors, and touch-ups on paint, Paint Bull has long-standing affiliations with many car dealerships that are happy to use their services.  The company also uses its successful business model as a basis for business start-up programs, which operate on a franchise-type model to allow additional partners to go into business with Paint Bull operations. The company provides the business training, beginning with an informational package, business analysis, and customer profiling for any interested party who submits an inquiry.Paint Bull online application for employment

Paint BullJobs Available

The Paint Bull job application online allows you to apply for any of the available positions, which include on-site sales, car repairs (or apprenticeship in car repairs), technical support, warehouse supply jobs, business development, or support jobs handling travel, accounting, and other day-to-day aspects of business management.  Paint Bull also offers training for new business owners who want to become part of the franchise, so trainers are needed to provide the marketing and business classes, finance and inventory management classes, goal-setting, estimating and budgeting classes, and field sales classes offered by the company.

Minimum Employment Age At Paint Bull:

The Paint Bull application form is available to anyone who has reached at least the age of eighteen.

Paint Bull Store Hours

Because Paint Bull is a mobile service, its operating hours depend partially on customer demand.  You can use the “Contact Us” link at the top of the website to make inquiries about hours or employment.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Paint Bull

  • You can contact the company via the “Contact Us” link on the website to inquire about submitting a Paint Bull online application to a Paint Bull in your area.
  • When it’s time to complete your Paint Bull job application form, share any experience you have already in the area of refurbishing and repairing automobiles, selling or replacing automotive parts, or any related field.  If you are new to the field, but interested in learning, you can address instead your automotive interests, or any related classes you have taken as a vo-tech student.

Most Common Positions At Paint Bull & Income Information

You might consider a Paint Bull job application for their many positions in repairing and refurbishing used cars; experienced professionals are welcomed, and the company provides apprenticeship opportunities for those who are new to the industry.  Support jobs with the company include sales, financial management, supply chain and warehouse jobs, customer service positions, and trainers for the Business Development courses of study offered to new Paint Bull business owners.

Paint Bull Benefits

Qualified employees may qualify for such benefits as health and life insurance, paid vacation and personal days, retirement plan, and disability insurance.  You can enjoy these benefits, along with a steady job, by submitting a Paint Bull application today.

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