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Utilizing a revolutionary new form of advertising, SkinzWraps transforms vehicles into moving billboards by wrapping them in full designs, company logos, advertising slogans, graphics, or whatever graphic design elements a customer chooses.  The company has won awards for its designs and installation, and can take clients through the entire process from conception to graphic design to the installation and application of wraps on a vehicle or an entire corporate fleet.  Nothing is more eye-catching than a snazzy vehicle which shouts a company’s slogan as it rolls down the road, and businesses are increasingly turning to this form of advertising as an outlet for their advertising.  Rather than expending advertising dollars on a single-location billboard that will only be seen by the percentage of drivers who take a particular road, vehicle-wrap advertising has the advantage of traveling by a wide range of potential customers in any given day, guaranteeing more “bang” for the advertising buck for companies who recognize the value of vehicle wraps.  To get onboard with this relatively new but rapidly advancing industry, submit your SkinzWraps online application for employment.

SkinzWrapsJobs Available

The SkinzWraps team is employing cutting-edge designs and vehicle wrap techniques, and it’s a business that can use the creative talents of design-team members, sales skills of experienced salespeople, technical support positions, and work on the actual application of the wraps to the vehicles.  Every step of the process, from conceptual design to the application of the actual wraps, needs a team member to fill a role, so fill out your SkinzWraps application form to become part of the process.

Minimum Employment Age At SkinzWraps

The SkinzWraps job application online is available to applicants age eighteen and above.

SkinzWraps Store Hours

The website lists service locations, as well as contact information so you can inquire about specific locations’ store hours.

Important Tips To Apply Online With SkinzWraps

  • Consider your qualifications for the area of operations for which you intend to submit a SkinzWraps online application. In your application, highlight your training and experience in that area, whether it is customer sales, graphic design, or automotive work, and emphasize how your experience can be put to work for the SkinzWraps team.
  • You can submit a SkinzWraps job application formdirectly to the location where you’d like to work, and take advantage of the opportunity to introduce yourself to a manager and make an impression to ensure a chance to interview.

Most Common Positions At SkinzWraps
& Income Information

With several varying areas of operation, the SkinsWraps team needs applicants with an array of different skills and talents.  Customer service representatives work with clients to formulate ideas and designs for the wrap-advertising, and a creative team takes those ideas and begins to convert them into actual design.  Manufacturing and application of the actual vehicle wraps form another arm of the team, and the sales team pulls it all together from the first customer contact to the final product, and on to drawing in the next customer.  To fill a role in any of these aspects of the team, fill out a SkinzWraps job application.

SkinzWraps Benefits

Eligible employees with SkinzWraps may enjoy benefits such as health coverage for medical, dental, and vision care, life insurance, long-term and short-term disability, paid vacation and holidays, flexible scheduling, and retirement benefits.  Enjoy all this, and the opportunity to work with a creative design team, by getting your SkinzWraps application turned in today.

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