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SpeeDee Oil Change Job Application Online

A little over three decades ago, SpeeDee Oil Change opened its first location, hoping to answer the decline of full-service gas stations by providing a service for drivers to keep their cars running.  Initially begun as simply an oil-changing service, the chain has since expanded its services to include brake service and other repairs and maintenance.  With one hundred and twenty franchises in some thirteen states, SpeeDee Oil Change has become the go-to service station for clients in need of tune-ups, maintenance, and work on air-conditioning, brake systems, cooling systems, filters and fluids, fuel systems, and transmission fluids, as well as regular mileage check-ups, state inspections and emissions, and fleet service for corporate vehicles.SpeeDee Oil Change offers guarantees and warranties on its work, and their maintenance can help to extend the manufacturer’s warranties on a vehicle.  You can bring your own auto mechanic or customer service skills to the team with your SpeeDee Oil Change online application for employment.

SpeeDee Oil ChangeJobs Available

You can contact the location near you for a SpeeDee Oil Change application form for the available job opportunities listed at that location.  Certified auto mechanics are needed at each location to handle the maintenance and repairs of clients’ vehicles.  Additionally, each office needs the administrative support of customer-service-oriented associates who can interact with the public, handle billing matters and scheduling of maintenance check-ups, and facilitate the day-to-day operations of the store.  Additionally, managers are needed to oversee individual locations, handling scheduling and staffing matters and ensuring the financial wellness of the store.

Minimum Employment Age At SpeeDee Oil Change:

The SpeeDee Oil Change job application online is open to candidates who are at least eighteen years of age.

SpeeDee Oil Change Store Hours

The “Locations” button in the menu bar at the top of the website will take you to an interactive map and state-by-state listing of locations, where you can search for locations near you and determine what hours those locations are open.

Important Tips To Apply Online With SpeeDee Oil Change


  • Click the “About SpeeDee” button in the menu-bar at the top of the website, and then select “Employment Opportunities” from the menu at the left side of the page.  This page offers information about application, and a link to contact your local location with a SpeeDee Oil Change online application.
  • Before submitting your SpeeDee Oil Change job application form, take the time to read up about the company’s history, services, guarantees, and priorities.  Go into your interview process well-informed about the company, and therefore able to speak to the ways in which you will be a good fit as an employee.

Most Common Positions At SpeeDee Oil Change & Income Information

You can complete and turn in a SpeeDee Oil Change job application for a position as an automotive technician or mechanic repairing customers’ vehicles and performing tune-ups and oil changes.  Each store needs the support services of customer service associates to handle billing and scheduling, and managers to oversee the location’s operations and employees.

SpeeDee Oil Change Benefits

Eligible employees may enjoy such benefits as health coverage, life and disability insurance, paid vacation, retirement plan, flexible scheduling, and discounted services for vehicles.  You can inquire about the specific benefits offered at the location where you’re applying when you submit your SpeeDee Oil Change application.

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