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Tuffy Auto Service Application – Apply Online At Tuffy Auto Service Today

Tuffy Auto Service Job Application Online

Tuffy Auto Service has been caring for cars for more than four decades, offering a wide array of automotive services to keep customers’ cars running smoothly.  Offering car care tips on the website, as well as a range of services including diagnostic services, test driving, repair recommendations, repair services, regular servicing and maintenance.  Their services include muffler and exhaust system repair and service, brake system repairs and service, tire service and alignment, service of shocks and springs and struts, air conditioning repair, heating and cooling system repairs, car battery issues, oil changes, tire maintenance and repair, and tune-ups. You can bring your own mechanical and customer service skills to work by submitting a Tuffy Auto Service online application for employment.

Tuffy Auto Service Jobs Available

The Tuffy Auto Service application form is available for several job categories.  Automotive technicians are needed to diagnose car troubles, test-drive customer cars, recommend needed repairs, and to provide the needed mechanical services. Previous experience is preferred, but Tuffy Auto Service will provide training if they believe you’re a great candidate despite a lack of experience.  Management positions (store manager, assistant manager, and district manager) need to be filled to oversee staffing, scheduling, sales, inventory, and human resources.)  Assistant Management positions are filled by working automotive technicians whose duties include training of the automotive technician positions.

Minimum Employment Age At Tuffy Auto Service:

The Tuffy Auto Service job application online is open to applicants of eighteen years of age and older.

Tuffy Auto Service Store Hours

Click the “Find a Tuffy” link at the left side of the website to view an interactive map and search tool which will enable you to locate specific stores near you and determine their operating hours.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Tuffy Auto Service

  • Click the “Employment” link at the left side of the screen to view available jobs, job descriptions of responsibilities and requirements, and a link to the Tuffy Auto Service online application.
  • As you complete your Tuffy Auto Service job application form, highlight your previous training and experience (if applicable) or demonstrate your willingness to learn if you’ll need on-the-job training.  Tuffy Auto Service is willing to train new employees when they find that a job candidate is promising but lacks experience, so your goal—if you fit this category—is to demonstrate your own work ethic and willingness and ability to learn.

Most Common Positions At Tuffy Auto Service & Income Information

Tuffy Auto Service staff includes a high-quality team of auto technicians who perform diagnostic services on vehicles, and maintenance, check-ups, tune-ups, and repairs on those vehicles.  The company prefers to hire candidates with previous experience, but with Assistant Managers who are also active automotive technicians and trainers, the company is willing to hire outstanding candidates who will require training.  For an automotive or management position, you can submit your Tuffy Auto Service job application.

Tuffy Auto Service Benefits

Eligible employees of Tuffy Auto Service may enjoy benefits that include insurance coverage for health, vision, and dental, life insurance, long-term and short-term disability coverage, 401(K) retirement savings plan, paid vacation and personal days, flexible scheduling, on-the-job training, opportunities for career advancement, and competitive pay.  You can put yourself in a position to enjoy all these benefits and the security of a steady paycheck when you submit your Tuffy Auto Service application.


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