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Ziebart Job Application Online

With Detroit, Michigan being the hub for automobile manufacture in the 1950’s and 1960’s, it is not surprising to find a number of automobile repair and enhancement businesses with generations worth of quality service. Ziebart International Corporation is a popular leading brand in the automobile service established by Kurt Ziebart in 1959. Their main objective was to provide pioneering ways of rust-prevention for their customer’s cars.  Half a century of such quality tradition has not changed. Apart from ground-breaking rust-prevention methods, Ziebart International Corporation also focuses on various vehicular improvements such as glass repairs, paint protection, under-body sound barriers, truck accessories, electronics, professional detailing and scratch repair services. Ziebart online application employment naturally expects excellence from potential employees in order to guarantee the same impressive standard upheld since 1959. Ziebart basically takes good care of people with a passion of taking great care of other people’s cars.

Ziebart Jobs Available

You may submit a Ziebart application form on any of the following positions: Sales Associate, Service Manager, Detail-er, Window Tint Installer, Auto Alarm Installer, Auto Glass Installer, and Retail Sales Pro. Ziebart is an equal opportunity employer for white-collar and blue-collar jobs alike.

Minimum Employment Age at Ziebart

The Ziebart job application online is available to applicants 16 years of age and above. Due to the variety of laws in various states regarding minority age, some branches require applicants to be at least 18 years old.

Ziebart Store Hours

Based on the standard headquarters schedule in Michigan, the regular working hours are from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM during weekdays. However, schedules may vary according to the branch locations. It is advisable to refer to the official website’s location menu.

Important Tips to Apply Online with Ziebart

Since Ziebart International Corporation is a very broad and expansive company; information regarding its online application process may come from multiple sources online. Type “career opportunities” phrase in the main website’s search bar and click on the available link. The Ziebart online application system becomes readily available at first sight. Before filling up the necessary information in the black Ziebart job application form, it is advantageous for all applicants to conduct further research about Ziebart International Corporation through their main website. It is mandatory for applications to include all necessary initial documents such as comprehensive CV, an informative cover letter, a recent photo of yourself, and credentials.

Most Common Positions at Ziebart & Income Information

Ziebart always welcomes manual specialists who have a functional knowledge about automobile maintenance and enhancements. Although the main priority of Ziebart’s job application centers on skilled mechanical employees and various automobile experts, there is also a growing demand for salespersons and marketing specialists. The Sales Associate position is the most recent job posted online and reports to the Senior Vice President of the Franchise Sales. Applicants who aspire for this position must be able to perform key managerial tasks like coordinating with ongoing franchise sales efforts as well as overseeing various clerical processes relating to sales.

Ziebart’s Benefits

With Ziebart’s renowned reputation, this company maintains a very strong emphasis for hiring the right people for the right position. A successful Ziebart application includes the perks of having complete medical coverage (including optical and dental insurance), paid holidays, employee discounts, a 401K multipurpose plan and a fulfilling career.

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