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Bank of America
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Bank of America
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Bank of America began as North Carolina National Bank. In the late twentieth century, the bank began buying up thousands of smaller US banks across the nation, including banks that had been around since the founding of the nation. Thus, Bank of America was born. Today, the bank continues to grow and is focused on providing the best banking services possible across the nation and internationally. To become a part of America’s banking heritage, start by putting in your Bank of America online application for employment.

Bank of America Jobs Available

There are many jobs available within the Bank of America. You can easily discover what positions are available by visiting the website. Positions are available in administration, finance, consumer banking, customer service, sales, and other areas. Some positions are hourly while others are salary based. The company is so large that there are literally thousands of positions available throughout the nation. To take advantage of one of these amazing career opportunities, fill out and submit your Bank of America application form.

Minimum Employment Age At Bank of America:

You must be a minimum of eighteen years of age to submit a Bank of America job application online.

Bank of America
Store Hours

Store hours for Bank of America vary based on location. To discover store hours, visit the website and click on Locations. From there you can select your state or enter your zip code to search for a location near you. Hours are posted on the website with the bank’s location.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Bank of America

  • Visit the website and click on About Bank of America. From there you can click on Career Opportunities. This will take you to a page where you can read more about the types of positions available. You will also be able to do a job search. When you find a position that you want to apply for, click on the Apply Now button to be taken to the application site. You will have to create a login or sign in to fill out the Bank of America online application.
  • It is best to have a resume to submit with your Bank of America job application form. A resume can often provide information that is not available on the application form. It also shows your professionalism and desire to gain the position. There is a section on the application form for submitting your resume.
  • You should follow up your online application with a call or visit to your local branch to show your determination to get the position. Often the branches will not receive applications immediately, and by contacting them directly you can facilitate the application process.

Most Common Positions At Bank of America
& Income Information

The most common positions at Bank of America are teller and customer service positions. These positions are generally hourly. However, Bank of America prides itself on providing competitive wages. Pay is also based partly on experience. If you have some experience in customer service or cash handling you will likely be paid more than someone with no experience. However, experience is not necessary for many hourly positions, and training is provided. To take advantage of these opportunities, fill out and submit your Bank of America job application.

Bank of America

Full time employees earn benefits after a short period of employment. Benefits include medical insurance. Other benefits that you may become eligible for over time include paid vacations and paid holidays. To discover what specific benefits you may qualify for as an employee, submit your Bank of America application today.

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