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Bank of the West Job Application Online

Bank of the West had meager beginnings as a small local bank in California under the name of Farmers National Gold Bank. Over the years the bank grew, and became First National Bank of San Jose in 1880. The bank continued to prosper and helped to grow the Bay area throughout the earthquake, depression, and several wars. By 1979 the bank had over thirty five branches, and changed its name to Bank of the West. Today, the bank has branches all over the west coast, the Midwest, and the rocky mountain regions. To become a part of American history, fill out and submit your Bank of the West online application for employment.

Bank of the West Jobs Available

There are many jobs available through Bank of the West. There are professional jobs as well as management and operations positions. Of course, you will find teller positions and customer service positions as well. To discover what jobs are available near you, do a job search on the website. From there you can take advantage of one of the opportunities by submitting your Bank of the West application form.

Minimum Employment Age At Bank of the West:

Due to the financial responsibility that comes with these positions, you must be at least eighteen years of age to submit a Bank of the West job application online.

Bank of the West Store Hours

Typical hours of operation are nine to five Monday through Friday, with some Saturday hours. However, hours of operation will vary depending on the branch. To discover store hours for a branch near you, simply go to the website and enter your zip code at the top of the page. This will bring up a list of banks near you, and clicking on the location will give you the hours of operation.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Bank of the West

  • Go to the website and scroll down to the bottom of the page. There you will find the Careers link. From that page you can search job openings and put in your Bank of the West online application.
  • Be fully prepared for your interview when you submit your Bank of the West job application form. Surf the website and learn about the history of the organization as well as the services that it provides. This knowledge will go a long way when you interview for the position. It will also help you to understand what the organization is looking for in an employee.
  • Follow up your online application by contacting the local branch directly. Let them know you filled out an application online and that you are very interested in the open positions available at that branch. This will speed up the application process, make you appear professional, let them know you are serious about the position, and put you in the front of the line for an interview.

Most Common Positions At Bank of the West & Income Information

The most common positions available at Bank of the West are those of teller and customer service representative. These are hourly positions that pay well for the industry standard. Of course, there are other positions available as well, such as human resources, administrative, clerical, and managerial. These positions are typically salaried positions. To take advantage of these opportunities fill out and submit your Bank of the West job application.

Bank of the West Benefits

Bank of the West offers a comprehensive benefits package that is competitive for the industry. You can enjoy paid holidays, paid vacation, and health insurance. To take advantage of these amazing benefits, submit your Bank of the West application today.

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