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Citizens Financial Bank
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Citizens Financial Bank
Job Application Online

Anyone interested in applying for a job at Citizens Financial Bank should visit their local branch. While there is a website which offers a career section, there is not a printable Citizens Financial Bank application available. Furthermore, resumes are also accepted via e-mail, fax and snail mail at the applicable contact information which is available on the career webpage. It should be noted that the submittal of a resume is not considered an official Citizens Financial Bank job application. Thus, individuals should complete an application at their local branch along with a copy of a resume.

Citizens Financial Bank Jobs Available

There are various banking jobs available at Citizens Financial Bank. Open positions are not listed on the career webpage. Those interested in employment are encouraged to complete an official Citizens Financial Bank application form and submit a resume.  A representative from Citizens Financial Bank will contact applicants if their qualifications and job experience meet any of the current positions.

Minimum Employment Age At Citizens Financial Bank:

18 years old

Citizens Financial Bank
Store Hours

As with all major banking institutions, Citizens Financial Bank is open during regular banking hours which are traditionally Monday to Friday from 8 AM to 5 PM. There are some days such as Friday which may have extended hours to 6 PM or 7 PM in order to accommodate additional customers because of payday. Also, there are some branches that have partial day operations on Saturday. The specific operation hours vary per branch.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Citizens Financial Bank

Citizens Financial Bank is a local bank that is found throughout Illinois and Indiana. Those interested in completing a Citizens Financial Bank job application form are advised to visit the bank’s main website in order to find out more information about seeking employment.

Upon visiting the website, there is specific information regarding what applicants must do in order to begin the Citizens Financial Bank online application process. It is imperative that individuals follow the directions which are provided on the website in order to ensure that their Citizens Financial Bank job application online is thoroughly considered. Potential applicants must visit their local Citizens Financial Bank in order to begin the employment process.

Likewise, while there is the option to submit a resume via the Internet through e-mail, it may be a good idea to first visit a local branch in order to obtain an employment application. Once the application is obtained and completed, then applicants can forward both the resume and the Citizens Financial Bank online application for employment simultaneously to a specific contact. Since Citizens Financial Bank does not view the submission of a resume as an official application for employment, it is simply best to obtain the employment application and submit the resume with the application simultaneously in order to prevent delays.

Most Common Positions At Citizens Financial Bank
& Income Information

There are various positions available at Citizens Financial Bank. Income levels amongst employees vary based on their specific duties and responsibilities. Some of the more common positions include:

Tellers: Tellers are expected to provide quality customer service to their patrons in an efficient manner. In most cases, those individuals who are employed as tellers often have previous cash handling experience or prior experience as a teller and a high school diploma. In some cases, individuals will be expected to have a specific credit score in order to obtain a position as a teller. Salaries for tellers can start off at $10 per hour and increase with the individual’s level of experience and seniority.

Branch Managers: There are various Citizens Financial Banks which employ individuals to manage specific branches. These individuals are expected to monitor everything that occurs within a specific location. Furthermore, branch managers are responsible for such details as training and daily maintenance of funds. The average salary of a branch manager at a local bank can start off at $45,000-$50,000 per year.

Security Personnel: Citizens Financial Bank employs security personnel in order to ensure the safety and security of all that utilize and work in their banks. These individuals are expected to stand post both inside and outside of the local branch. They are also expected to monitor any suspicious activity. Salaries for security personnel employed via Citizens Financial Bank vary based on armed or unarmed status. Generally, unarmed security personnel make less money than their armed counterparts. Average salaries are $13-$15 per hour.

Citizens Financial Bank

Benefits offered via Citizens Financial Bank are available and are discussed upon confirmation of employment. The human resources department will provide employees with detailed information on various benefits which include health, dental, eye and life insurance. Furthermore, many individuals that work for Citizens Financial Bank are also eligible for a variety of banking services such as a free checking or savings accounts. In general, benefits are available mainly for employees that work on a full-time basis. However, benefits for part-time employees may be available at a particular level.

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