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Hanmi Bank Application – Apply Online At Hanmi Bank Today

Hanmi Bank Job Application Online

You can email your resume to the Human Resources department for consideration for any available positions.  There isn’t a Hanmi online application for employment, but if you are being considered for a job, you will fill out a Hanmi job application form in person.

Hanmi Application Jobs Available

You can fill out a Hanmi application for several jobs: General Branch Manager, Assistant Branch Manager, Bank Teller, Loan Specialist, Loan Officer, Support Clerk, Marketing Associate, and Administrative Assistant.

Minimum Employment Age At Hanmi Bank:

You must be at least eighteen years old to work at Hanmi Bank.

Hanmi Bank Store Hours

Hanmi Bank is open Monday through Friday from 9:00am to 5:00pm.  On Saturday, they are open from 9:00am to 1:00pm.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Hanmi Bank

Since you will not be filling out a Hanmi online application, you will have to go to one of the locations to fill out one.  You can start the process by submitting your resume by either email or fax to the Human Resources department.  You will include a cover letter that introduces you to the hiring personnel and tells them which position you are seeking.

You can contact Hanmi Bank and ask who to address the email to.  Write the email as if it were a formal letter with proper salutations and punctuation.  You can look at sites online to find how a formal letter should look.

If your resume impresses the hiring manager and they have an opening, they will call you for an interview.  It may be at this time that you will fill out a Hanmi Bank application form.  Take all of the information that you might need with you.  You can look at applications online to see what kind of questions they will ask.  It will mainly be about previous education and job experience.  You will have to list references so get that information together before you fill out the application.

When you are called for an interview, you can ask the person if you will be filling out a Hanmi job application.  That way, you will know to be prepared.  If your resume includes all of the necessary information, that may be all that is required.

Most Common Positions At Hanmi Bank & Income Information

Hanmi Bank needs entry level positions such as bank tellers and support clerks.  They also need branch managers and loan officers.  You may have to check their website often to find the position you are seeking since they do not always have job openings available.

Hanmi Bank Benefits

Hanmi Bank has medical, vision, and dental insurance for their employees and families.  They also have a 401k plan that employees can participate in.  Hanmi will also contribute a percentage to the plan.

Employees can be reimbursed for education and training if it is career-related.  They get free checking, free wire transfers, and discounts on bank products, such as loans.  They have meal allowances, long term disability and life insurance.  Employees also get paid vacation based on length of service.

To visit Hanmi Bank’s website click here.

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