Heritage Bank of Commerce Application

Heritage Bank of Commerce Application – Apply Online At Heritage Bank of Commerce Today

Heritage Bank of CommerceJob Application Online

You will not find a Heritage Bank of Commerce online application.  Instead, you can email, fax or mail a resume and cover letter to the Human Resources department.

Heritage Bank of Commerce Jobs Available

You will find these jobs that you can fill out a Heritage Bank of Commerce job application: Sales Manager, Account Manager, Assistant Sales Manager, Assistant Account Manager, Customer Service Representative, Loan Specialist, Administrative Assistant, New Accounts Representative, and Sales Specialist.

Minimum Employment Age At Heritage Bank of Commerce:

You have to be eighteen years or older to be employed at Heritage Bank of Commerce.

Heritage Bank of Commerce Store Hours

Heritage Bank of Commerce is open from 9:00am to 5:00pm during weekdays, but they are closed on Saturday and Sunday.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Heritage Bank of Commerce

You cannot fill out a Heritage Bank of Commerce online application for employment.  However, you can submit your resume for any job openings that are listed or for consideration for future openings.  Employers often keep resumes on file for a period of time to consider for positions that may come open.

If you see a job opening that you are interested in after you have already turned in your resume, you can contact the HR department and ask if they still have your resume.  This lets them know you are still interested in employment with the company.

You may have to fill out a Heritage Bank of Commerce job application form at a later time.  They may ask you to complete a Heritage Bank of Commerce application when you go to interview for a position.

You can keep a list of former employers and the dates you worked for them, schools you attended and dates, and lists of references with addresses and phone numbers.  You will be prepared if you are asked to fill out a Heritage Bank of Commerce application form at some point.

Make sure your resume looks polished and professional with no spelling or grammar errors.  If you are unsure how to create a winning resume, you can enlist the help of resume writing services.  However, you can also find websites online that will show you what to put in a resume and help you with your wording.  If you do hire a resume writing service, find one that has a good reputation.

Most Common Positions At Heritage Bank of Commerce & Income Information

You will find openings for new accounts and customer service representatives and loan specialists.  Other openings are listed on the website as they are available.

Heritage Bank of Commerce offers its employees a competitive rate of pay.

Heritage Bank of Commerce Benefits

Employees enjoy a comprehensive plan for medical healthcare and vision and dental insurance.  They also have group life insurance and long term care insurance.  Employees can participate in the company’s 401k plan and the ESOP plan.  They may also be reimbursed for approved tuition expenses.

Employees get paid holidays and vacation and a health club allowance.

To visit Heritage Bank of Commerce’s website click here.

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