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State Street Application – Apply Online At State Street Today

State Street Job Application Online

You can fill out a State Street online application for employment.  You will first have to register on their website and then you will be able to access your information and the State Street job application.

State Street Jobs Available

The following jobs may be available for you to apply for: Teller, Internal Auditor, Customer Service Representative, General Branch Manager, Administrative Assistant, Assistant Branch Manager, Audit Manager, Executive Assistant, and Quantitative Anaylst.

Minimum Employment Age At State Street:

You must be at least eighteen to work at State Street.

State Street Store Hours

State Street is open Monday through Friday 9:00am to 5:00pm and on Saturday from 9:00am to 12:00pm.  They are closed on Sundays.

Important Tips To Apply Online With State Street

Have all of your work and education information available when you start to fill out the State Street online application.  You will want to find a quiet place and allow plenty of time to fill out the State Street application form.  Do not get in a hurry and fill out your answers completely.  This State Street job application form will determine if the recruiter will pursue you for an interview or move on to the next applicant.

A State Street application should represent the best you have to offer.  Check the spelling and wording on your answers.  Use language that is easily understood.  If you have previous experience in a bank, give details on your duties and use the correct technical terms.

Make sure the information you provide on references is current and correct.  You should always check with your references ahead of time to be sure they don’t mind being listed.  Provide their email addresses along with other methods of contact.  Many recruiters today know it is easier to get information through email even though they may still mail or call the person for confirmation.

Since you will register on the site to fill out the application, you will know if the application has been submitted.  There is no need to call the recruiter to check the status of your application.  You will be contacted if they are going to continue the hiring process with you.  While you are waiting to be contacted, you can practice your interview skills.

Most Common Positions At State Street & Income Information

There are not too many open positions at one time at State Street.  Entry level positions come open often, such as customer service representatives and tellers.  State Street offers their employees competitive pay plus incentive pay for higher level positions.

State Street Benefits

Employees enjoy a wide range of benefits for working with State Street.  They can choose from various health insurance options for medical coverage.  They also receive vision and dental insurance.  They can participate in the flexible spending program for child care costs, medical costs, and transportation costs.

Employees can get life insurance for them and their families.  They are eligible to participate in the 401k plan that the company matches.  They get paid time off and paid holidays.

To visit State Street’s website click here.

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