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SunTrust Bank Application – Apply Online At SunTrust Bank Today

SunTrust Bank Job Application Online

There is a SunTrust online application that you can fill out for any positions you are interested in.  You can register on the site and save your information for a future SunTrust Bank application.

SunTrust Bank Jobs Available

Listed are the jobs for which you may apply at SunTrust Bank: Bank Teller, Teller Lead, Manager, Teller Coordinator, Wholesale Credit Modeling Analyst, Windows Integration Engineer, Wealth Management Strategist, Corporate Risk Information and Technology Director, Work Plan Manager-IT Technology Planner, Services Banker, Server Metrics Specialist, Business Deposits Analytics Manager, Regional Sales Manager, Business Intelligence Engineer, Technical Specialist, Testing & Validation Analyst, UNIX Server Engineer, and Database Analyst.

Minimum Employment Age At SunTrust Bank:

You have to be at least eighteen years of age to work at SunTrust Bank.

SunTrust Bank Store Hours

SunTrust Bank is open Monday through Friday 8:30am-6:00pm, Saturday 8:30am-2:00pm, and they are closed on Sundays.

Important Tips To Apply Online With SunTrust Bank

You will have to register with the website and get a user name and password to fill out a SunTrust Bank online application for employment.  You will have access to your information to apply for future job openings without having to fill out a new SunTrust job application form.

Take your time and think about your answers when you are filling out a SunTrust Bank application form.  Make sure what you say presents you in a good light.  You want to impress the recruiter with your SunTrust Bank job application.

Look for ways to demonstrate how you will be a good employee in the position for which you are applying.  Highlight previous experience or education that is relevant to the job.  When you list your job duties, choose ones that would be beneficial in a future position.  This makes your experience relevant even if you have never worked in a bank before.

Make sure there are no mistakes in your SunTrust Bank application.  Look at your spelling and grammar and your use of vocabulary.  You want to sound qualified for the job, but don’t use big words just to impress.  If you can use technical terms, put them in the application.

Most Common Positions At SunTrust Bank & Income Information

You will find many open positions with SunTrust Bank.  There are several entry level positions such as tellers and lead tellers, and numerous loan positions.

SunTrust Bank pays a competitive salary rate, which is dependent on your experience and the location where you will work.

SunTrust Bank Benefits

Employees have a choice of healthcare insurance, including HMO, PPO, or a high deductible plan.  They also receive dental and vision insurance and can participate in the flexible spending program.

Employees can contribute to the 401k plan and SunTrust Bank will match up to five percent.  They also get life insurance, disability and long term care insurance.

Employees also enjoy paid vacation, paid sick and personal time, and paid holidays.  They can participate in an education program in-house or be reimbursed for approved tuition expenses.

To visit SunTrust Bank’s website click here.

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