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Commission Express Job Application Online

Commission Express has been in business since 1992. The company has seen substantial growth over the years, and this is mainly due to their services which aim to help real estate professionals to get their commissions in a timely manner. In 1996, Commission Express cast its net wider as it opened franchising opportunities. This saw the company rise and we now have Commission Express offices in most cities in the U.S. So far, the company has approved thousands of commissions, and this is the only commission advance real estate company that is franchised in the US. With such a stable footing in the commission advance sector, this company is always looking for suitable candidates to join its team of franchise owners. If interested in venturing in this business, you can check out Commission Express online application for employment.

Commission Express Jobs Available

You will need to fill out the Commission Express application form if you wish to be considered as a potential franchisee. Essentially, franchise owners will provide capital to buy the commissions. That said; the earnings are massive. There is little competition in the niche and no shortage of clients.

Minimum Employment Age at Commission Express

The Commission Express job application online is accessible to real estate agents and firms.

Commission Express Store Hours

Commission Express offices operate within the normal working hours. You can easily find a Commission Express office near you by using the ‘find an office’ platform on the company website. You can either search by state, using your zip code or the map available on the page.

Important Tips to Apply Online With Commission Express

  • To get the opportunity to be a franchisee with the company, you will need to fill in the Commission Express online application.
  • There are various requirements that come with becoming a franchise owner and these are largely financial requirements. Before you fill the Commission Express job application form, the company requires that you have liquid cash available and the amount ranges from $93,000 to $213,000.
  • The total invest will cost anything between $112,800 and $291,500. There are franchise fees which range from $10,000 to $40,000.
  • The company does not allow absentee ownership. All franchises are owned and operated by the franchisees.

Most Common Positions at Commission Express & Income Information

Commission Express provides real estate sale commissions. The company works with a wide network of real estate companies nationwide and currently has 37 franchise units in the US.Unfortunately, real estate firms need to wait for 30 to 90 days before they can receive their after sales commission and what the company does is provide commission advances. They make their money by withholding a percentage of the commission and this will range from 8 to 14 percent. As a franchise owner, you can imagine that you will have a lot of business and can earn a lot through the commission advances that you remit. In simpler terms, you get to give real estate agents their commission in just a few days as opposed to having them wait for months. To be a part of this rewarding venture, fill out the Commission Express job form.

Commission Express Benefits

Commission Express has various benefits that franchisees get to enjoy and this include a 10 percent return provided every 30 to 60 days, marketing services, training and continuous support amongst others. Needless to say, you get constant demand for your services and limited competition if any. This is indeed one of the most lucrative franchise opportunities and you hand in your Commission Express application to be a part of the venture.

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