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Bright House Networks Application – Apply Online At Bright House Networks Today


Bright House Networks Job Application Online

If you are interested in filling out a Bright House Networks job application form, you can visit their website. There isn’t a traditional Bright House Networks online application for employment; however, you can submit your resume online.

Bright House Networks Jobs Available

There are various positions available, depending on the location.  The following are positions for which you can submit a Bright House Networks application: Technical Support Representative, Customer Support Specialist, Territory Manager, Installer, Applications Specialist, Outside Commercial Sales Specialist, Production Assistant, Billing Specialist, Business Field Training Specialist, Outbound Telemarketing Representative, Property Solutions Account Representative, Service Technician, Field Support Representative, Account Executive, Broadband Installer, Warehouse Clerk, Customer Care Professional, Human Resources Coordinator, Inside Sales Representative, and Business Analyst.

Minimum Employment Age At Bright House Networks

You have to be 18 years old to get a job with Bright House Networks.

Bright House Networks Store Hours

They are available for support and other issues twenty-four hours a day for seven days a week.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Bright House Networks

Instead of filling out a traditional Bright House Networks application form, you will need to have an updated resume.  The Bright House Networks online application is a tab you click to submit the resume to the appropriate HR person.

Never send a resume that is already filled out without updating it and reviewing it.  There are two areas that you should always customize on a resume for the job you are applying for.  One is the objective that tells what your career goals are.  This should always be geared towards the position for which you are applying.

The second area that should be reevaluated is the skills section.  Make sure it is relevant to the position you hope to get.  You will want to list skills that can be used in this field over other generic talents and abilities.

You will also want to review your list of references to make sure their contact information is current.  Check with them to find out if they still are willing to be listed on your resume.  Do not use people you have not worked with or been in contact with for a long period of time.  The information they will provide will be outdated.

Always review your resume for any grammatical or spelling errors.  It should always be error free with no exceptions.  You want it to give the best impression of the kind of work you are able to do.

Most Common Positions At Bright House Networks & Income Information

You will find a variety of positions open at Bright House Networks.  They range from sales and customer service type positions to back office jobs.  They offer competitive pay comparable to other companies in the industry.

Bright House Networks Benefits

Employees enjoy a comprehensive benefits package, which includes paid training and advancement opportunities.  You can also participate in health coverage, retirement benefits, and paid time off.  There are numerous reasons to submit a Bright House Networks job application.


To visit Bright House Networks’s website click here.


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