Service Electric Cable TV Application

Service Electric Cable TV Application – Apply Online At Service Electric Cable TV Today


Service Electric Cable TV Job Application Online

You can fill out a Service Electric Cable TV online application for employment at their website.  It will be emailed to the Human Resources department once you have completed the Service Electric job application form.

Service Electric Cable TV Jobs Available

There are several technician and service jobs available that you can apply for with a Service Electric Cable TV application.  These include: Field Technician, Manager, Assistant Manager, Customer Service Representative, Installer, and Customer Support Technician.

Minimum Employment Age At Service Electric Cable TV

Like most communications companies, you must be eighteen to be employed with Service Electric Cable TV.

Service Electric Cable TV Store Hours

They are available seven days a week for twenty-four hours each day.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Service Electric Cable TV

The Service Electric online application is a standard application.  It asks for your personal contact information and which position you are applying for.  In the section that asks your desired salary, it is best to put negotiable unless you have a specific salary that you are not willing to compromise on.

If you put negotiable, it allows the company to consider you as a candidate and offer you a salary once they have interviewed you.  You may get a better pay rate this way.  However, many entry level jobs are non-negotiable.

The Service Electric application also asks if the company can contact your present employer.  It will not hurt your chances if you mark no for your answer.  Many applicants do not tell their employer that they are job hunting.

If your employer does know you are looking for other employment and they do not mind being contacted, allow Service Electric’s Human Resources department to contact them.  It will put you ahead of others because they can find out information about you from your current job.

You will be asked to list your education including any trade schools.  There is a section on subjects of special study.  This is where you would list classes you took that may not have been part of your degree program or ones that are applicable to this job.

You will also have to list your four most recent employers.  If you have not held four regular jobs, but have worked part-time jobs as a high school or college student, list them here.  This is especially important if the jobs have any relevance to the job you are applying for.

Spend time when filling out the Service Electric application form.  Make sure your answers are thorough and accurate.

Most Common Positions At Service Electric Cable TV & Income Information

You will find the majority of jobs open in the technician and customer service representative areas.  They have entry level jobs that you can submit a Service Electric job application even if you have no experience.

Service Electric offers a competitive wage for its employees.

Service Electric Cable TV Benefits

Employees get competitive pay and a flexible schedule.  Eligible employees also receive healthcare coverage and paid time off.  They may also qualify for discounts on services if they are within the service area of Service Electric.


To visit Service Electric Cable TV’s website click here.


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