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Ford Job Application Online

The Ford Motor Company is an auto maker headquartered in Dearborn, Michigan in the U.S. Ford manufactures and sells cars, trucks, and auto parts throughout the world. Ford was founded in 1903 by Henry Ford, and still remains family owned. In the early 20th century Ford was a pioneer in the auto industry helping to develop and refine the use of assembly lines in the auto manufacturing business. Over a century later, Ford is still a leader and innovator in the automotive field.

Ford is always looking for bright, energetic, forward thinking people to fill it’s ranks. As a global leader in the auto industry they put great emphasis on diversity, believing that their employees should be a reflection of their customer base. If you are interested in working with a company with a tradition built on innovation, and diversity then complete a Ford online application for employment today.

Ford Jobs Available

A Ford online application can be submitted for a wide variety of jobs and locations. Ford offers employment opportunities at dealerships and factories around the world. You can use online career tools to find a list of current openings, some of the common fields: Sales and Service, Finance, Marketing, Human resources, and IT.

Minimum Employment Age At Ford:

You should be 18 years of age when completing a Ford job application. Some positions may require you to have and maintain a valid driver’s license.

Ford Store Hours

Hours of operation at a Ford dealership will vary by location but are typically Monday thru Friday 8am til 8pm, Saturday 8am til 12pm, and closed Sunday. A job at any of the production facilities will generally be Monday thru Friday, 40 hours per week. There are various shifts available, and you may work overtime or weekends when necessary.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Ford

You can submit a Ford job application online. The Ford career page can be reached by expanding the “more Ford” button at the top of the Ford homepage. The Ford career page has an updated online database of openings that you can browse and filter by your location, needs, and skills as well as complete a Ford application. Be sure to register and create a profile so that Ford can contact you.

Most Common Positions At Ford & Income Information

You may complete a Ford application form and apply for any of the current listings that suit you. Positions change regularly, but some common ones are: Manufacturing, Engineering, Parts and Service, Retail Sales, and Service Technician. Ford also hires a great number of supervisors, management, and IT specialists. Compensation at Ford is competitive in the auto industry, and includes a comprehensive benefit package.

Ford Benefits

Ford is committed to their employee’s welfare to insure future growth. Along with excellent pay packages they offer industry leading benefit packages which generally include:

Insurance: Comprehensive Health including eye, dental, and wellness programs. Ford employees also receive Life and Disability insurance.

  • Retirement: Ford Pension Plan and a savings & stock investment plan (401k)
  • Paid Days: Ford employees are eligible for paid vacations and paid holidays
  • Vehicles: Ford vehicle purchase plan
  • Others: Ford prides itself on offering many community and social programs, and the Ford Employee Recreation Program (FERA)

Ford needs motivated, hard working men and women like you to help carry it’s brand through the next century and beyond. Complete a Ford job application form today to start a career and your future.

To visit Ford’s website click here.

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