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Hyundai Job Application Online

The Hyundai Motor Company is an automobile manufacturer headquartered in Seoul, South Korea. Hyundai manufactures and sells cars throughout the world. In 1947 Chun Ju-Yung founded Hyundai as a construction and engineering company. Hyundai Motors was formed in 1967, and released it’s first car in 1968 in a partnership with Ford Motors. In 1975 Hyundai released it’s own car, the Pony, which was Korea’s first mass produced car. Today Hyundai employs around 75,000 people, and sells nearly 2 million vehicles in 193 countries and 6,000 dealerships around the world.

Hyundai is looking for bright, talented, hard working people to join the team.  Hyundai offers a dynamic, professional workplace, and is an equal opportunity employer. You can fill out a Hyundai online application for employment today, and get started on a great career.

Hyundai Jobs Available

A Hyundai online application can be used to apply for a variety of jobs. Hyundai has job opportunities in dealerships and factories around the world. Use the available online tools to find current openings, some of the most common needs are: Sales, Parts and Service, Finance, Human resources, and IT.

Minimum Employment Age At Hyundai:

You should be 18 years of age when you fill out a Hyundai job application. Some positions require a valid driver’s license.

Hyundai Store Hours

Hours of operation at a Hyundai dealership will vary by location and can range from Monday thru Friday 8am til 9pm, Saturday 8am til 5pm, and closed Sunday. A full-time job at the production facilities will require you to work Monday thru Friday, 40 hrs./week. There may be various shifts available, and overtime and weekend work is possible.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Hyundai

You should submit a Hyundai job application online. The Hyundai career page contains a list of current openings. To find the Hyundai career page, follow the career link under the “About Hyundai” section on their homepage. The Hyundai career page has a current database of jobs, you can browse and filter by location and job description, and also complete a Hyundai application. Be sure to create a profile and upload your resume/CV, so that Hyundai  can contact you.

Most Common Positions At Hyundai & Income Information

You should submit your resume and complete a Hyundai application form for any current listings that suit you. Job openings change regularly, common needs are: Parts and Service, Manufacturing, Retail Sales, Engineering, and Service Technician. Hyundai hires a large number of supervisory, financial, and IT specialists. Hyundai offers competitive wages and a comprehensive benefit package.

Hyundai Benefits

Hyundai believes that if they can help their employees live a better life, they will in turn do a great job. If you become a Hyundai employee, you may be eligible for:

  • Health Insurance: Comprehensive medical, eye, and dental. Hyundai employees also receive
  • Life Insurance: Hyundai pays for coverage equal to two times base salary. Employees are also eligible for long and shot term disability
  • Retirement: (401k) Hyundai will match a percentage after a year of service
  • Paid Days: Hyundai employees receive 13 paid holidays, 6 sick days, and paid vacations.
  • Vehicles: Hyundai offers purchase, lease, and rental programs
  • Others: Hyundai offers tuition reimbursement, relocation assistance, and a variety personal growth and social programs.

Hyundai is looking for talented, motivated, hard working men and women to help build the future. If you’re interested in a career with a great company submit a Hyundai job application form and join the team today.

To visit Hyundai’s website click here.

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