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Kia Job Application Online

There is no question that Kia, a South Korean car company, has been expanding at an enormous rate as they add affordable, gas sipping vehicles to their fleet.  Today, they are looking for employees to meet a wide range of operational needs.  No matter whether you are interested in sales, factory, or mechanic shop positions, you will need to start your career by filling out a Kia job application form.

Kia Jobs Available

During the process of filling out the Kia job application online, you will be able to apply for the following kinds of jobs:  sales, marketing, assembly line work, dealer related positions, shop, transport, business operations, human resources, and customer care.

Minimum Employment Age At Kia:

If you are not at least 18 year sold, you will not be allowed to fill out the Kia online application for employment.

Kia Store Hours

Most Kia workers start work at 9 am and end between 6 – 9 Monday through Saturday. Depending on the job, you may also be able to work 12 pm to 5 pm on Sundays.  Factory workers or non-hourly workers may also work on alternative schedules.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Kia

Before you start filling out a Kia application form, it is very important to make sure you have all your information assembled.  Since the Kia online application is very detailed in terms of work history and education, it may be of some help to have a resume on hand to help guide you.  Most people find that it takes at least a half hour to an hour to complete the Kia job application.

Most Common Positions At Kia & Income Information

The vast majority of people filling out a Kia application apply for sales and dealer oriented positions. This includes shop/mechanic work as well as human resources and other support positions within the dealership. If you happen to live in Georgia, or are willing to move there, you might also be able to find work in the assembly plant located there.

Kia Benefits

Kia offers competitive wages, retirement plans, health insurance, and other standard benefits.  This includes full coverage for medical, dental, and eye care.  You will also receive 2 weeks paid vacation per year, plus 6 sick days per year.

You may also take part in full-pay internship programs if you are a college student. There are also other educational support options that you can apply for once hired.  No matter whether you are interested in sales, engineering, or business operations, you can rest assured that Kia will have some type of challenging and exciting job for you to do.

If you want to work for a growing company with a standard for excellence, do not hesitate to consider Kia.  As more consumers look for affordable, long lasting, inexpensive cars, you can rest assured that Kia will meet those needs and beat their competition.

To visit Kia’s website click here.

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