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The Mini cooper is a compact car that has been made by British Motor Company from 1959 to 2000.  It is now being produced by BMW and is a very popular car because it is economical and small enough for city driving.  People who have this car usually love it and enjoy the fact that they can park in places that no other car could possibly fit.  People who want to get a job that involves the Mini have many different places that they can look for employment.  These include manufacturing, sales and service.  The key thing that the people want out of their employees is excitement for the product that they represent.  An enthusiastic attitude about a unique automobile is something that is important to the brand.

Mini Jobs Available

People can find employment at Mini in the dealerships, the service departments, the manufacturing facility and the corporate offices.  The company needs sales people, mechanics, marketing executives, assembly line workers, maintenance and administrative staff.

Minimum Employment Age At Mini

The minimum age will depend on where a person works for Mini.  Most of the dealerships are independently owned and will have their own age requirements.  In general a person must be 18 years of age or older to work at Mini.  If they are under the age of 18 they have to have documentation that shows they are eligible to work for Mini.

Mini Store Hours

This will also depend on where a person works and the jobs they have.  There are some positions that have people who work around the clock, but most of the positions with Mini will be during normal business hours.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Mini

Since the dealerships for Mini are independently owned it may be difficult to apply online directly with them.  A person can find many agencies that offer people the chance to apply for positions that are open with Mini and can fill out the applications they offer.

Whenever a person is filling out a job application, whether it is online or in person, it is vital to fill out the application completely and neatly.  A person should not rush through the application.  They need to realize that this may be the first impression their potential employer has of them and it is important to give the best impression possible.  It is also important to be honest on the application.  Any false statements could prevent a person from getting the job or it could be the reason they are terminated later on.

Most Common Positions At Mini & Income Information

In the dealerships the sales people are the most common positions that are filled.  They are paid on a commission basis depending on how may cars they are able to sell.  In the manufacturing facility the most common position are the assembly line workers and their wages are based on hourly rates that are negotiated for the group.

Mini Benefits

Working for Mini allows people to be involved with a unique and exciting brand.  The employees of Mini are the backbone of the company and are treated as an important asset for the company.  This means that they are given the respect and the rewards that they deserve.

The employees who work for Mini are offered a wide variety of benefits.  The independent dealerships will offer their own series of benefits for their employees.  The most common benefits that people are offered include health insurance, paid time off, bonuses and 401k plans.

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