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Porsche Job Application Online

Porsche is one of the most recognized and respected brand of automobiles in the world today.  They have been building some of the finest automobiles and have been coming up with great innovations for automobiles since 1931.  Many people dream of the day when they can slip behind the wheel of one of the best sports cars that is made in the world today and head off down the highway.  It is not a dream that everyone is able to fulfill, but many people buy the car they want and that means that there are many people working at Porsche.  Porsche is always looking for people who want to work in a professional and world class environment and that want to develop personally.  If you have those qualities, a job at Porsche might be just what you need.

Porsche Jobs Available

There are many different employment opportunities at Porsche.  Jobs can be found in sales, research & development, design, administration, human resources, IT, management, marketing, finances and quality assurance.  There are also many independent dealers and service shops that are authorized by Porsche where people can look for employment opportunities.

Minimum Employment Age At Porsche:

Porsche follows the laws and regulations that are established by the local and federal rules in the area where the job is located.  Some jobs require a person be at least 18 years old to apply while others only require that a person has proof of eligibility to work.  Independent dealerships and service shops will have their own age requirements.

Porsche Store Hours

Because there are so many different locations and types of jobs with Porsche, there are no standard store hours.  A person who is applying for a position with Porsche will have to inquire about this when they apply for the job.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Porsche

The official website for Porsche has a listing of the jobs that are available.  A person can search the jobs by selecting the location they want to work at, the type of job they are interested in, and the qualifications needed for a job.  They will see the listing of the jobs that meet their search criteria and will be able to send in a resume applying for that position. A person can also find employment opportunities on the job boards that can be found online.

Whenever a person is applying online or sending a resume in the mail they have to find a way to stand out from the others.  One way to do this is using a cover letter to introduce one’s self to the company.  This should not be a form letter.  It should be written specifically for the job and the company that a person is submitting an application or resume to.  If they can make a favorable impression, the person reviewing the resumes might spend a little extra time reviewing their qualifications and that could lead to a face to face interview.

Most Common Positions At Porsche & Income Information

Porsche employs over 12,000 people and it is not easy to say which position is the most common.  The craftsmen who work on the assembly line are one of the most common and they earn an hourly rate based on the job they do and the experience they have.  Jobs in the corporate office are salaried, while the sales force usually works on commissions.

Porsche Benefits

The biggest benefit for working for Porsche is being employed by a company that is so well respected.  There are also more tangible benefits that include paid vacation time, health insurance, bonus programs and health savings plans.

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