Superior Auto Application

Superior Auto Application – Apply Online At Superior Auto Today

Superior Auto Job Application

Interested in sales? How about cars, trucks and SUVs? At Superior Auto there are a variety of job opportunities available from sales and accounting to detailing and mechanical maintenance. If you are an energetic and goal oriented worker this could be the place for you. Superior Auto is a leader vehicle sales within the tri-state area and has proven to be a stable business since their establishment in 1975. The easiest way to apply is through the Superior Auto online application for employment.

Superior Auto Job Application Online

In order to apply for a position at Superior Auto online simply visit their website and choose the “Careers” Option at the top of the page. Once selected you will be able to search open positions within the company and fill out the Superior Auto online application. The application is straight forward, with fill in the blank and drop-down boxes for the entirety of the application. The last page will offer you the opportunity to cut and paste your resume into the Superior Auto job application form.

Superior Auto Jobs Available

There are a variety of jobs available at Superior Auto. They have positions in sales, accounting, finance, detailing, customer service and mechanical maintenance, as well as internships and management training programs.

Minimum Employment Age At Superior Auto:

You must be at least 18 years of age to work at Superior Auto

Superior Auto Store Hours

Store hours are Monday-Friday from 9am – 6pm and Saturday from 9am – 1pm

Important Tips To Apply Online With Superior Auto

When filling out the Superior Auto job application online it is important that you complete each block and don’t leave out any information. Your application is the first representation of you that an employer will see so it is important that you are meticulous about the application process.

Keep in mind that any gaps in employment don’t look good and should be accounted for in the employment history portion of the Superior Auto job application form. Even if you were unemployed during a period of time and/or “seeking employment”, accounting for that time is important.

In addition to filling out the online application you can take it a step further by making an appearance and filling out an application at the store itself. Dress nicely and take a trip to the store location where you’d like to work. This can create an impression on the managers and individuals who will be screening applicants. Competition can be fierce. There may be dozens of other people applying for a position at Superior Auto so anything you can do to make a positive impression will work in your favor.

Often times we learn about job opening and positions in our area through friends, relatives or neighbors. If you happen to know someone who works for a Superior Auto use that in your favor to learn about the company and management style within the organization. This can help you tweak your resume and online job application to appear more suited for the position you are applying for. The easiest way to learn about the company is to simply look at their website. Find out what their mission statement is, how long they’ve been in business, how many locations they have, marketing strategies, ect…

Most Common Positions At Superior Auto & Income Information

There are always open positions at Superior Auto and range from any of the positions listed above. However, some of the most common positions are sales and customer service. Salaries are based on the position but the company offers competitive wages for all of their postions.

Superior Auto Benefits

The benefits for full time employees of Superior Auto include:

Paid time off for vacation, sick pay and personal time


Jury Duty

Company Designated Holidays

They also have a 401(k) retirement plan, medical and dental insurance, life insurance and educational assistance.

To visit Superior Auto’s website click here.

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