Childcare Jobs

Are you a good auntie?  Do you have a good rapport with small children?  Do you share a special understanding with them?  Do you often take care of your sister or brother’s young children, and do they receive you in a friendly, open and trusting manner? Childcare is one of the most important service jobs.

Some people are gifted at being natural teachers, patient, kind, and know how to talk to children on their level.  If you are, the child care jobs may be your niche.  Applying for a child care job would be wise, because the profession is looking for qualified people who can join their teams.  Each year young people enter day care centers and become qualified day care personnel.  Many positions do not require training.  Some do require additional education which may be accumulated with time at evening school programs or community college.

Your child care career may begin at a nursery school as a wet nurse, meaning, caring for young children who are still in diapers.  This profession has always been important for working mothers, especially professional women who are prepared to pay a more than fair price to know that their infants are being well cared for in their absence.

Then there is the professional nanny, who may be contracted to live in the home with the family or live separately.  The nanny may be young, like 19 to 25 years old, or an older aunt-like woman who the kids rely on for daily care, hugs and kisses.  The nanny helps raise the children as well as keeping them out of harm’s way.  She may cook meals, help them with homework and / or escort them to the park, as the job may dictate.  An au pair is positioned between a babysitter and a nanny, which may appeal to young women.  Get a child care job and get paid to care for young children who will look up to you as a role model.

Early childhood education studies show that young children need attention and affection to develop into normal, healthy and happy human beings.  A good child care worker can make a huge difference in the life of a child.  The best situation is when the child care professional supplements, but not substitutes, the love and care that a good family life can provide.

Within the day care, there are medical professionals, a nurse, cook, food preparation staff and a cleanup crew.  An R.N. or nutritionist may supervise which snacks are being given to the children.  There are also activity directors who organize party events, holiday themed parties and birthday parties for the children who attend the day care center.
For those seeking part-time work, there is also work as a camp counselor.  Some positions are entry level and can be filled by qualified high school graduates.  Teaching sports, dance classes, drama, crafts and so on are part of this dynamic work.  If you love children and want to make a career of it, be sure to place an online job application for child care worker today!

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