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The Little Gym Job Application Online

The theory at The Little Gym is simple – the younger you get your kids interested in exercise, the better the chance they’ll grow up to be strong and healthy adults. If this is a philosophy you can relate to, The Little Gym Online application could be your ticket to a truly outstanding career. For more than 30 years now, the enormous nationwide team at The Little Gym has been making healthy exercise and development fun and rewarding for kids. Teaching activities like gymnastics, karate and all kinds of dance, the team even extends its reach to parents with parental survival course and some amazing birthday parties. In short, it’s a one stop shop for making the lives of parents that little bit easier and the lives of kids a whole heap better!

The Little Gym Jobs Available

The Little Gym application process can lead to a job working directly with kids as a coach, teacher, mentor, supervisor or group leader. The firm also frequently advertises administrative and customer service roles, which of course require less qualification and clearance than the hands-on jobs with the kids.

How Can I Get a Job at The Little Gym?

You can try your hand at The Little Gym job application with little more behind you than a genuine love for kids, a desire to success and a whole lot of responsibility. These are the core values the organization values above all others, though to work one on one with kids you will of course have to be cleared to do so. If you have relevant experience and qualifications, you’re a shoe-in!

Where Can I Apply at The Little Gym?

You won’t find The Little Gym Online application form on the firm’s website due to it being primarily a franchise business. As such, it’s a case of getting hold of the office you’d like to work with and requesting The Little Gym Application form they may send you, or a chat with the manager. Use the ‘Find a Location’ service at to locate your nearest office.

Minimum Employment Age At The Little Gym

The Little Gym application process is open to applicants aged 18 years or over, though experience is preferred for those taking on the more hands-on roles with the groups.

The Little Gym Store Hours

This is an organization that’s fully committed to working in line with the real-world schedules and commitments of the average family. As such, you may be called upon to work mornings, daytimes or evenings pretty much seven days a week. It all depends on the role you carry out – get in touch with your local office for details.

Most Common Positions at The Little Gym & Income Information

The majority of workers at The Little Gym take on the role of coach, teacher or tutor – all of which take care of nurturing the kids and encouraging their participation. Income levels vary in accordance with experience and age, not to mention the role take on, the location of the franchise and hours worked.

The Little Gym Benefits

If you manage to get yourself noticed with The Little Gym Online application for employment, you could be well on your way to a rewarding career for life. Along with the kind of job security and indeed job satisfaction you simply cannot buy, those going the distance will be privy to bonus schemes, paid leave, sick pay and a world or promotion/franchise ownership prospects.

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