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Kidokinetics Job Application Online

Kidokinetics is all about making it as fun as possible for kids to get the exercise they need to develop into strong, healthy adults. So if you see yourself as the type to help kids become all they can be, the Kidokinetics Online application could be right up your street. Since 2000, this unique organization has been offering a unique angle to sports, exercise and recreation. There’s no pressure, no competitiveness and no intimidation whatsoever. Instead, there’s a warm and nurturing environment where kids are encouraged to develop their self-confidence, coordination and ultimately a genuine passion for fitness. It’s all about instilling the very best possible habits from the earliest age, so if you fancy yourself as an authority on life-long health and happiness, check out the application process today.

Kidokinetics Jobs Available

You can make a Kidokinetics application for various roles including coach, assistant coach, group assistant, volunteer, franchise owner and so many more.

How Can I Get a Job at Kidokinetics?

Depending on the position you’re targeting with your Kidokinetics job application, you might not need any specific qualifications. If you’re looking to be a coach, a franchise owner or work in direct contact with kids while unsupervised, you will of course need relevant experience and full clearance to do so. However, you can apply to become a volunteer with no experience whatsoever.

Where Can I Apply at Kidokinetics?

As the brand operates franchise locations all over the US, you won’t find a comprehensive Kidokinetics Online application form for all posts. Instead, you will need to get in touch with the organization via its website or on 1-866-Kidokinetics in order to find a location that suits and summarily request the necessary details. You may need to fill in a Kidokinetics Application form or you may be invited straight in for an interview.

Minimum Employment Age at Kidokinetics

The Kidokinetics application is open to anyone over the age of 18 for standard voluntary roles, though anyone looking to take on a position of responsibility will need to be fully qualified and at least 21.

Kidokinetics Store Hours

Exactly when and how you’ll be expected to work depends on the nature and the circumstances of the franchise itself. You may be partnered with local schools and conduct sessions during school hours, you may find yourself running sessions exclusively on weekends, or you may get hooked and choose to work seven days a week. Contact your chosen franchise location for more details.

Most Common Positions at Kidokinetics & Income Information

The most common position is that of coach or volunteer, but this depends on the nature of the franchise location. Income varies quite a deal from zero for voluntary workers right up to hundreds of dollars each day for franchise owners and senior coaches. For those who choose to make a full time career out of their kidokinetics experience however, income is always extremely admirable.

Kidokinetics Benefits

What’s most satisfying of all following the submission of a successful Kidokinetics Online application for employment is the ability to help instill positive habits in hundreds of children across your area. You can help nurture their development and perhaps influence them to remain fit and active for life – you’re effectively changing lives for the better. And for those making a career of their involvement, various health, pay and vacation packages are also up for grabs.

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