Maui PlayCare Application

Maui PlayCare Application –

Apply Online At Maui PlayCare Today

Maui PlayCare Job Application Online: 

Maui Playcare job application online is not available to print out and fill in.  However, there is a company database that you can submit your information for possible job openings in your area.  There are part time and full time jobs available depending on the location, so apply!

Minimum Employment Age At Maui PlayCare:

18 years old

Maui PlayCare Hours: 

Mon-Thurs: 9:00am-7:00pm;

Fri: 9:00am-10:00pm; Sat: 10:00am-10:00pm; Sun: 10:00am-5:00pm

Important Tips To Apply Online With Maui PlayCare

As always we advise you to fill out a Maui PlayCare application form and follow up with it in person. Maui PlayCare applications are always best received in the child care location where you can speak directly with the people who are in a position to hire or recommend you. Simply filling out Maui PlayCare applications online does not leave nearly as powerful an impression because that is what almost everyone else does – take the easy path.  Take your job application for Maui PlayCare seriously so management will take you seriously, too.

Most Common Positions At Maui PlayCare:

Receptionist, Administrative Assistant, Sales Associate, Assistant Teacher, Teacher, Child Care Provider, Activities Assistant, Food And Beverages Manager, Assistant Daycare Manager, General Daycare Manager

Maui PlayCare Income Information:

Income information is not readily available.  If you are an entry level employee, you can expect to receive the state minimum or slightly above.  If you are a trained professional, it depends upon the job being recruited for.  Refer to the job link below for more details.

Maui PlayCare Career Link:

 Using the link above, you can see what openings are available on the locations provided.

Maui PlayCare Benefits:

Maui PlayCare provides a decent and generous benefit package to its child care staff.  Full time employees receive health care, paid vacation time off and sick pay.  The firm provides a 401(k) retirement plan and tuition reimbursement, which is excellent for serious staff who wish to become trained professionals.  There is an employee development program as well.

Maui PlayCare is a drop-off babysitting service where children can play with supervision and care.  The Maui PlayCare team seeks warm, caring and alert individuals who have the child’s best interest in mind.  If this sounds like you, the Maui PlayCare application can help you along your way to a child care career.  Even if you don’t have experience, the desire and willingness to learn will be valued while you learn your new job.  Responsibilities may vary among positions.  Using the website link at the top, you can submit a Maui PlayCare job application very easily and relatively quickly.
The Maui PlayCare online application got its name since the business was started in Maui, Hawaii and has several positions in the Arizona area.  A busy franchise, there are more positions opening every year.  The Maui PlayCare application form is the first step in being an entertainment or activity director so the parents can leave their kids in good hands.  It doesn’t take much to leave a positive impression on a child, just being kind and helpful and treating them with respect.  If this interests you, file a Maui PlayCare job application form and be sure to follow up.  You may be working sooner than you think!

To visit Maui PlayCare’s website click here.

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