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Soccer Shots Job Application Online

Soccer Shots is the leading soccer school in the United States with 135 campuses in the country. Soccer Shots works with children as young as two years old and introduces them to the world’s most popular sport. Soccer Shots then continues to work with children until the age of eight years old, developing and refining their skills on the field. As the children get older, they play against other teams to improve their skills in real soccer games. Soccer Shots hires only the best qualified soccer players as coaches including some Major League Soccer and United Soccer League professional players. The goal of Soccer Shots is to provide the best introduction to the wonderful game of soccer that young kids can get anywhere. If you have the skills and want to share them with the next generations of soccer players, join the team by using the Soccer Shots online application for employment.

Soccer Shots Jobs Available

Soccer Shots needs full-time and part-time youth soccer instructors. Youth soccer instructors will work with groups of 10 to 30 young soccer enthusiasts ranging from two to eight years of age. Players will have varying degrees of experience. Youth soccer instructors will be provided all of the equipment and supplies required. Soccer Shots coordinates the location, times, and curriculum that will be used, so youth soccer instructors just need to follow the plan and be where they need to be. Youth soccer instructors will work at schools, day care centers, and community parks. To apply for a position as a youth soccer instructor, submit a Soccer Shots application online.

How can I get hired at Soccer Shots?

If you are interested in a position as a soccer coach, you must have at least a moderate knowledge of the rules of soccer and how the game is played. Not all applicants will be professional soccer players, but you must at least have at least some basic experience either playing or coaching soccer. Experience working with young children is preferred, but not required. Soccer Shots is looking for youth soccer coaches who are athletic, fun, and professional. You must have a means of reliable transportation to transport equipment to multiple sites. You must have a clean criminal record.

How can I apply at Soccer Shots?

You can apply at Soccer Shots either by contacting a local office or submitting a Soccer Shots job application online.

Minimum Employment Age At Soccer Shots

The minimum age to be a youth soccer instructor with Soccer Shots is 18 years of age with a high school diploma or equivalent.

Soccer Shots Store Hours

Soccer Shots is open Monday through Friday from 11am to 7pm.

Most Common Positions At Soccer Shots & Income Information

Full-time youth soccer instructors will need to work four to five days per week during these times. The full-time instructor salary is $21,000 annually plus compensation for driving. Part-time instructors work between 10 and 15 hours per week and are paid hourly commensurate with their experience.

Soccer Shots Benefits

Full-time youth soccer instructors receive 12 days of paid vacation time per year, nine paid holidays, and paid sick days annually. Full-time instructors also enjoy having flexible schedules with at least one weekend day off every week. All instructors receive paid initial training and professional development training throughout their career with Soccer Shots. To join the Soccer Shots team, submit your Soccer Shots application online immediately.

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