TGA Premier Youth Tennis Application

TGA Premier Youth Tennis Application – Apply Online At TGA Premier Youth Tennis Today

TGA Premier Youth Tennis Job Application Online

Start the TGA Premier Youth Tennis Online application process today, and there’s really no telling how far tomorrow could take you. A unique service bettering the lives of thousands of kids all across the US, TGA brings tennis to middle and elementary schools in order to promote physical activity, character development and academic-based lessons. Not only is the program proven in its ability to nurture a passion for tennis in kids form the earliest possible age, but also contribute toward their overall development and depth of social skills. The life lessons learned while achieving a peak state of health and fitness are crucial for strong and stable development – all of which can be made incredible fun by the unique programs of TGA.

TGA Premier Youth Tennis Jobs Available

You can make a TGA Premier Youth Tennis application for various roles associated with sports coaching. Experienced individuals can start out at the level of coach, assistant coach or group leader, while those without experience can join as a customer care rep, a volunteer trainee or an administrator in an office capacity.

How Can I Get a Job at TGA Premier Youth Tennis?

Depending on the position you’re targeting with your TGA Premier Youth Tennis job application, you may or may not have to prove your experience and qualifications. For example, anyone looking to work with kids will of course have to be cleared to do so, while those working alone with kids in their care will need to be suitably experienced. If on the other hand an office role is more up your street, you can make an application with no prior experience in looking after kids or in the field of tennis.

Where Can I Apply at TGA Premier Youth Tennis?

Sadly there is no readily available TGA Premier Youth Tennis Online application form on the firm’s main website, due to the fact that all franchise locations across the US work somewhat independently. As such, you will need to find your nearest office via the website at in order to get in touch and request a TGA Premier Youth Tennis Application form. There’s also a chance you’ll be invited straight in for a chat, so be prepared!

Minimum Employment Age at TGA Premier Youth Tennis

The TGA Premier Youth Tennis application is open to anyone over the age of 18, though supervisory roles and those working one on one with kids are reserved for applicants over the age of 21.

TGA Premier Youth Tennis Store Hours

Working hours and shift patterns vary in accordance with the location of the franchise and the services it offers. However, most work directly in conjunction with local schools and therefore provide the majority of their services during school hours. For specific times, get in touch with your chosen office via the website.

Most Common Positions at TGA Premier Youth Tennis & Income Information

The team at TGA is made up primary of coaches, who are responsible for delivering the teachings and nurturing the youngsters under their watch. However, there are also plenty of office based roles including customer service, sales and admin, so it’s possible to apply for one of these without experience. Income varies in accordance with age, experience and role carried out, but all pay rates are in line with national averages.

TGA Premier Youth Tennis Benefits

A successful TGA Premier Youth Tennis Online application for employment has the potential to open a world of doors in terms of both career prospects and general fulfillment. Along with the joy that comes with helping youngsters be all they can be, workers are rewarded with generous rates of pay, excellent health plans, retirement options, promotion prospects and much more besides.

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