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Tippi Toes Dance Job Application Online

Tippi Toes Dance provides the young children the chance to learn dance in a fun way. The dance classes organized by the company are designed in such a way that the children can learn dance as well as have a full workout so that they can remain fit and healthy. Ever since the company came in to being in 1999, it has been trying to promote dance and provide the children with a healthy activity so that they can become able to develop their dancing skills and learn to take control of their body. Even though Tippi Toes Dance is quite a young company, it has seen a remarkable rise to success in the short time that it has been in business. The company has expanded so much that it has now started franchising too so that it can reach out to more children.To become a dance instructor at Tippi Toes Dance just fill out and submit your Tippi Toes Dance online application at your earliest convenience.

Tippi Toes Dance Jobs Available

Tippi Toes Dance schools are located all over the United States and presently they are hiring dance instructors to meet their staffing needs. For this, they are accepting Tippi Toes Dance applications from experienced and fresh dance experts who are willing help the young children in learning dance. As a dance instructor you will be required to train the kids to the best of your ability. It will be the instructor’s duty to motivate the children and to help them in every way possible so that they can become better dancers.

How can I get hired at Tippi Toes Dance?

People who have experience of teaching dance to the children and have a passion for dancing are always welcome at Tippi Toes Dance. If you want to pass on your skills as a dancer to the kids then complete the Tippi Toes Dance job application and become a part of our team. Candidates looking for the job of a dance instructor must have certification showing that they have learnt dance from a credible institute and have some experience of teaching dance. The applicants must also be willing to teach the children according to the lessons that have been planned for them by Tippi Toes Dance.

 How can I apply at Tippi Toes Dance?

In order for you to apply for the post of dance instructor at the company you will have to submit the Tippi Toes Dance application form along with a decently written resume at any of the company’s locations. If you prefer applying online then you would have to make use of the Tippi Toes Dance online application form.

Minimum Employment Age at Tippi Toes Dance

Tippi Toes Dance has always respected the state laws and thus does not offer jobs to people who are below the age of 18.Thus, if you want your Tippi Toes Dance application to be considered then you must have to be at least 18 years old.

Tippi Toes Dance Store Hours

The Tippi Toes Dance locations remain open from Monday to Saturday and dance classes are arranged for the children throughout the day. However, some of the locations remain open for longer than usual in order to accommodate the children.

Most Common Positions at Tippi Toes Dance & Income Information

Tippi Toes Dance is in the process of boosting its staff of dance instructors and all of the locations of the company are hiring instructors who can give dance lessons to the children. The dance instructors are compensated handsomely by the company with the more experienced instructors getting a better salary and benefits package than the fresh ones.

Tippi Toes Dance Benefits

Dance instructors at Tippi Toes Dance are offered an outstanding benefits package to go along with their impressive salary. Some of the perks that are included in this package are medical coverage, sick leaves and life insurance and they all become available to the employee as soon as she starts working. Tippi Toes Dance also has a reputation for offering great bonus programs for the employees who do their work with complete devotion and do their utmost to teach the children.Thus, if you are looking to jump start your career as a dance instructor and want to work alongside people who love their work and are willing to share their experiences with you then hurry up and submit your Tippi Toes Dance online application for employment as soon as possible.

 Tippi Toes Dance Career Center.


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