Construction Jobs

Do you have a passion for building things? Do you love the idea of using your mind and your hands to create and engineer? If so a construction career may be the right service industry for you. Although construction jobs have been hit hard with the current economy, there are still many opportunities available and exciting possibilities. Despite what you might have heard, the construction industry is still one of the largest employment industries in the country.

Entry level construction jobs are a great place to start if you are looking for a first job or if you are getting into this field for the first time. Entry level construction jobs involve a lot of physical labor, great exercise and are a great way to get learns the ins and out of what a career in construction might be like. If you show promise in construction, the next level of advancement is typically into a construction project manager position.

Construction managers get to lead teams, oversea projects and work first hand with the people making the decisions about construction projects. Construction managers are a high sought commodity as this is a career that handles of the responsibility of the day to day operations. If you enjoy leading teams and designing plans you may want to look into construction companies with upward mobility and the opportunity to grow. If you already have experience, many construction companies are looking to hire managers that can help cut company costs by being more effective and getting more done in less time.

One level up from construction manager is construction supervisor.  In a construction supervisor job you may oversee several projects at once. Construction supervisors are often in direct working relationships with designers and architects. This is a very respected position in the construction industry.

However not all jobs in construction involve physical labor or working outside. Many construction companies are also looking for people with good communication skills to work in constructions offices. This can include secretarial and construction customer service positions. Some construction companies even have in house sales teams to help generate business. Some of the larger construction companies are also hiring in human resources and office management positions.

Applying for a construction job is relatively easy. Some construction companies allow you to apply directly online. Although, when you can we always encourage people to print applications online and deliver them in person.  This is especially true if you want to apply for an entry level construction job. If you are applying for a construction management job, you will most likely have to submit an online form although we advise that you visit the HR department of the construction companies that you are most interested in.

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Another thing we advise you to do is take a detailed look at all the companies below. Make sure read about their company profiles, the company benefits and our details of the company work environment. Remember, each construction company has its own work culture and picking your construction job is important. There are many construction jobs available if you look hard enough. Make sure you pick the company and position that is right for you.

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