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Acme Brick Company Job Application Online

Supplying Americans with construction materials for well over a century, Acme Brick Company was founded in Texas in 1891 by brick mason George Bennett, and has since grown into America’s largest domestic brick manufacturer.  The company offers a hundred year guarantee to its clients, ensuring that an Acme home or building will outlast its builder. Acme Brick Company prides itself on its status as a “Partner in Green Building,” employing energy-efficient manufacturing processes in its brick plants, recycling materials into the bricks, and managing delivery routes to minimize mileage by delivery vehicles.  Since its incorporation in the nineteenth century, Acme Brick Company has expanded its products and services to include fireplace systems, sculptured brick, pavers, and ceramic home tiling, and granite, marble, and slate.  To put your own skills to work in manufacturing, masonry, or sales, simply submit your Acme Brick Company online application for employment.

Acme Brick CompanyJobs Available

You can turn in an Acme Brick Company application form for any of the following positions: Customer Service Representative, Administrative Assistant, Plant Electrician, Maintenance Mechanic, Project Engineer, Project Manager, Business Analyst, Financial Analyst, Accountant, Human Resources Coordinator, Human Resources Manager, or Manager of Visual Marketing and Merchandising.

Minimum Employment Age At Acme Brick Company:

The Acme Brick Company job application online is available to applicants who are eighteen years and older.

Acme Brick Company Store Hours

To determine the operating hours of Acme Brick Company locations near you, click the “Contact” title in the website menu bar and select “Find Nearest Location” from the drop-down menu.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Acme Brick Company

  • Mouse over the “Company” title in the menu bar at the top of the website, and select “Current Jobs” from the drop-down menu to view detailed job descriptions for currently available positions, qualifications and requirements for each of those positions, and a link to the Acme Brick Company online application.
  • You can accompany your Acme Brick Company job application form with a professional resumé for management level positions.  If you don’t already have a resumé ready, it’s a universally useful tool in job-seeking. You can use an online template to help you format a professional resumé, completing the document with highlights of your own experience, education, training, professional background, and job skills.

Most Common Positions At Acme Brick Company & Income Information

Acme Brick Company employs workers in several areas of operation, including product manufacturing, product sales, construction services, and administrative support positions. Your Acme Brick Company job application may qualify you for a position with hourly wages, such as manufacturing, construction, customer service, and administrative support, or for a salaried management-level position such as project manager or project engineer.

Acme Brick Company Benefits

Eligible employees of Acme Brick Company enjoy an assortment of benefits including health insurance, vision and dental care, life insurance, long-term and short-term disability insurance, paid vacation time, retirement 401(K) savings plans, and employee discounts on the products and services offered by the company.  Managers may qualify for performance-based bonuses, and employees also enjoy the benefits of flexible scheduling options.  Your successful Acme Brick Company application will also lead to the benefits of professional development in the form of the company’s training program, which enables employees even in entry-level positions to move into higher-paying jobs as they gain experience and knowledge.

To visit Acme Brick Company’s website click here.

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