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 Athena Engineering Job Application Online

Athena Engineering began as a mechanical integrator of heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, and quickly expanded to the automation of building and generalized construction. Crafting every HVAC system for the unique attributes of the installation site, fine-tuning building automation from air pressure to water movement within a building, to ground-up construction of  The company has won a long list of awards, some of them celebrating the successfulness of a woman-owned and minority-owned business. Athena Engineering is active in the community, particularly donating time and resources to programs introducing girls to the opportunities of business and construction, and prides itself on its commitment to sustainable building practices and environmentally friendly systems.  Join the innovative and award-winning team by submitting your Athena Engineering online application for employment.

Athena EngineeringJobs Available

You may submit an Athena Engineering application form for any of the following positions:Administrative Assistant, Customer Service Representative, Construction Equipment Operator, Construction Site Manager, Field Cost Engineer, Project Control Leader, Assistant Buyer, Buyer, Business Analyst, Financial Analyst, Building Structural Engineer, Civil Designer, Auditor, Dispatcher, Structural Engineer, and Maintenance Technician.

Minimum Employment Age At Athena Engineering:

The Athena Engineering job application online is available to applicants

Athena Engineering Store Hours

To find out the hours of operation for Athena Engineering, click the “Contact” button in the menu bar across the top of the website

Important Tips To Apply Online With Athena Engineering

  • Click the “Careers” heading in the website menu bar, and select from the drop-down menu to read about benefits, internships, available positions, and a link to the Athena Engineering online application.
  • The company requests that you accompany your Athena Engineering job application form with a professional resumé for the position for which you’re applying.  If you don’t already have a resumé ready, it’s a universally useful tool in job-seeking. You can use an online template to help you format a professional resumé, completing the document with highlights of your own experience, education, training, professional background, and job skills.

Most Common Positions At Athena Engineering
& Income Information

Your Athena Engineering job application opens doors for you into a collaborative environment where you can exercise your skills in your own area of expertise.  Jobs with hourly pay include customer service and product sales, construction and machinery operation, facility maintenance, administrative support and accounting services, and other support positions.  Salaried positions include mechanical and structural engineers, electrical engineers, management positions, human resources oversight, project managers, and field commissioning technicians. Contractors are needed to work on excavation, piping, roofing, electrical, plumbing, asphalt, utilities, and structural steel upgrades, among other areas.

Athena Engineering

Athena Engineering prides itself on offering creative and challenging projects to its employees, seeking creative input and supporting leaders within the company. Eligible employees enjoy competitive salaries, an incentive program for safety, a referral program, paid holidays and vacation, employer-matched 401(K) retirement savings, health insurance with dental and vision, life insurance, and tuition assistance for employees furthering their educations.  Your successful Athena Engineering application will also lead to the benefits of professional development in the form of the company’s training program, which enables employees even in entry-level positions to move into higher-paying jobs as they gain experience and knowledge.  As a fun bonus, the company hosts employee parties and picnics throughout the year, and subsidizes tickets to various events and venues.

To visit Athena Engineering’s website click here.

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