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Bovis Lend Lease Construction Job Application Online

For more than a century and a quarter, Bovis Lend Lease Construction has been involved in some of the biggest and most noteworthy construction projects around the world.  Its iconic buildings include theLloyd’s Building and Queen Elizabeth II Conference Center in London, Disneyland Paris, the remodel of historic Glasgow Central Station, Australia’s National Museum, Scottish Parliament, the Chicagoland Speedway, Trump Tower (Chicago and New York), BBC Headquarters, and the World Trade Center Memorial Museum.

Bovis Lend Lease ConstructionJobs Available

You may submit a Bovis Lend Lease Construction application form for any of the following positions:Administrative Assistant, Project Engineer, Accounts Payable Specialist, Business Analyst, Business Development Director, Construction Intern, Construction Manager, Field Support Analyst, Finance Operations Director, Marketing Director, Project Manager, Project Field Assistant, Safety Specialist, Security Engineer, Director of Cost, and Financial Analyst.

Minimum Employment Age At Bovis Lend Lease Construction:

The Bovis Lend Lease Construction job application online is available to applicants eighteen years and older.

Bovis Lend Lease Construction Store Hours

Click the “Get in Contact” link at the top of the website to inquire about specific hours of operation for a location near you.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Bovis Lend Lease Construction

  • Click the “Careers” link beneath the “Browse” heading at the bottom of the website to view the online career center with information about the company, its employees, benefits, a search tool for jobs on various continents, and a link to the Bovis Lend Lease Construction online application for different areas of the globe.
  • Choose the continent on which you wish to apply, and then use the search tool to view the specific job openings available.  The site asks you to create a profile and username to submit your resume, along with a Bovis Lend Lease Construction job application form for either a specific job opening or for a generalized open application for available jobs, which allows the company to match your credentials with jobs where they could best use your skills.

Most Common Positions At Bovis Lend Lease Construction & Income Information

You can submit your Bovis Lend Lease Construction job application for hourly jobs in administrative support, accounting and finances, safety management and security, accounts payable, customer service specialists, auditors, inspectors, financial analysts, facilities maintenance, accounting, and construction work.  Among the salaried positions, the company hires project managers, architectural and design engineers, human resource managers, managers of marketing and advertising, regional managers, financial directors, field project managers, safety engineers, and others.

Bovis Lend Lease Construction Benefits

Bovis Lend Lease Construction promises competitive pay in every area of operation, and places particular emphasis on training, development, and continuing education of its employees.  To that end, the company provides a myriad of training and development opportunities targeted to enhance employee skills and performance, and to move upward within the company as they gain experience and training.  Eligible employees may qualify for health insurance, dental and vision, life insurance, short-term and long-term disability, travel insurance, community service leave, employee assistance programs for needs like counseling, study assistance and tuition assistance, and Foundation programs focused on wellbeing of employees and their communities.  You can enjoy these benefits and the security of a job with a prestigious construction company when you submit your Bovis Lend Lease Construction application.

To visit Bovis Lend Lease Construction’s website click here.

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