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Clark Construction Group Application – Apply Online At Clark Construction Group Today

Clark Construction Group Job Application Online

Clark Construction Group has been in business for over a century, since its founding in 1906 to tackle excavations and road grading in Washington D.C., growing over the decades to include technologically challenging construction jobs needing the work of specialized team members with varied professional experience. With more than three thousand five hundred employees around the country, Clark Construction Group goes to work on projects ranging from small town renovations to huge new structures, ranging from sports facilities and convention centers to hospitals. You can become part of the team with your Clark Construction Group online application for employment.

 Clark Construction Group Jobs Available

You may submit a Clark Construction Group application form for any of the following positions:Field Engineer, Assistant Superintendent, and Safety Representative.

Minimum Employment Age At Clark Construction Group:

The Clark Construction Group job application online is available to applicants of eighteen or older.

Clark Construction Group Store Hours

Click the “Contact Us” link at the top of the website to inquire about specific hours of operation for a location near you.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Clark Construction Group

  • Click the “Careers” link at the top of the website to view the company’s online career center, with information on career opportunities, immediate openings, training and development, corporate culture, benefits, military service members, college students, internships, and the link to the Clark Construction Group online application.
  • Click the “Immediate Openings” button at the left of the screen to see what jobs are currently available for your application.  The “Career Opportunities” button also provides a broader view of positions with the company, which might become available if they aren’t currently.
  • You will be asked to submit a professional resume along with your Clark Construction Group job application form.  If you haven’t already prepared one, you can use one of the many templates available online. Make sure your resume is thorough and looks professional, and highlights your own experiences and training.

Most Common Positions At Clark Construction Group & Income Information

You are invited to submit a resume along with your Clark Construction job application for hourly jobs in administrative support, accounting and finances, safety management and security, accounts payable, customer service specialists, auditors, inspectors, financial analysts, facilities maintenance, accounting, and construction work.  Among the salaried positions, the company hires project managers, architectural and design engineers, human resource managers, managers of marketing and advertising, regional managers, financial directors, field project managers, safety engineers, and architects.

Clark Construction Group Benefits

Eligible employees of Clark Construction enjoy a selection of medical plan choices, wellness programs, and insurance coverage options.  Short term and long term disability insurance, accident insurance, and life insurance are provided, as well as tax-sheltered flexible spending accounts for healthcare and childcare costs, and an employee assistance program for counseling services.  Clark Construction offers paid vacation and holidays, employer-matched 401(K) retirement plan, tuition reimbursement, performance based incentives, and benefits extended to domestic partners.  The company makes a point of promoting from within the ranks of its existing employees, offering training and guidance to groom their own people for positions of responsibility and higher pay.  With the backing of this attitude, you can start even at an entry-level position with the knowledge that the job can lead to a career and growth.  Enjoy these benefits, and the possibilities open to you, when you submit your Clark Construction Group application.

To visit Clark Construction’s website click here.

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