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KBR Job Application Online

KBR is one of the world’s leading engineering and construction organizations. With a history spanning over more than a 100 years, KBR employs 35000 people in nearly 50 countries across the globe. Its unfailing commitment to quality has helped KBR to secure a position as a trusted and reputable organization in the engineering sector. KBR puts a great emphasis on employee safety and is well known for exhibiting corporate social responsibility. Since it’s inception, the company has grown strength to strength and is committed to give back to the community whilst ensuring top notch product quality and employee safety. The company currently consists of ten departments and is looking for new members to join its team. To apply, simply submit your resume online on KBR’s website.

CompanyJobs Available

You may submit your resume for employment at KBRfor any of the following positions:Clerical/Administrative Assistant, Laborer, Subcontracts Administrator, Accountant, Financial Analyst, Business Development Manager, Contracts Administrator, Project Controls/Estimator, Sales & Marketing Manager, Foreman, Human Resources Generalist, Construction Manager, Construction Engineer, Technician, Fire Protection Specialist, Knowledge Content Manager, Project Manager or Operations Manager.

Minimum Employment Age At KBR:

The KBR job application onlineis available to applicants who are 18 years or older.

KBR Store Hours

KBR’s work hours vary depending on the job that the candidate is applying for. Technical jobs usually have two or three shifts available whereas managerial jobs require the candidate to work from nine to five. To view this information, just click on the job that you wish to apply for.

Important Tips To Apply Online With KBR

  • To apply for jobs with KBR, just click on the Careers section, which can be found on the top left hand corner of the company’s website? Once on the career portal, select the continent that you wish to work in. After that, specify your criteria and requirements for the job, for instance the location, the work department and whether you wish to work full time or part time. A list of jobs based on your specification will appear and you can then continue to browse the jobs and view the requirements, benefits and the work hours associated to the job.
  • You can choose to add the job to the job cart for application at a later period. Alternatively, you can also choose to apply online by creating an account with KBR. The site will prompt you to create an account once you click on the apply online button. If you do not already have a resume, you can create one using the template provided by KBR.

Most Common Positions At KBR & Income Information

KBR hires a number of employees across a varied range of departments. Depending on your skills and the area that you are applying for, you may be eligible for hourly wage or a monthly salaried position. Usually people are employed for technical jobs like pipe fitting on an hourly wage and employees at management level positions are paid on a monthly basis.

KBR Benefits

KBR offers a number of benefits to its employees. Candidates may be eligible for dental, life insurance and medical benefits. Apart from these, career advancement and professional training is also encouraged and provided.

To visit KBR’s website click here.

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