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Pacific Supply Job Application Online

Started in 1960, Pacific Supply is a rapidly growing subsection of the Pacific Coast Building Products Company. It provides roofing, insulation, drywall, waterproofing, stucco and masonry products. It also provides natural stone for building both residential and commercial buildings. The thing that differentiates them from their competitors in the industry is their emphasis on customer service. Their goal is to provide a level of customer service that will lead to enhanced customer satisfaction and long term customer and business relationships. Relationships on the whole are very important to them and a great emphasis is placed on both customer and employee relationships. The company is growing and is looking to hire strong, compassionate and motivated individuals with superior communication skills. If you believe that you meet these criteria, and then apply for jobs with Pacific Supply on the company’s career page.

Pacific Supply Jobs Available

You may submit a Pacific Supply application formfor any of the following positions: Sales Associate, Customer Service Representative, Administrative Assistant, Truck Driver, Material Handler, Inside and Outside Sales Representative, Assistant Branch Manager or Branch Manager.

Minimum Employment Age At Pacific Supply:

The Pacific Supply job application onlineis available to applicants who are 18 years of age or above.

Pacific Supply Store Hours

With more than 40 locations across the western part of the United States, Pacific Supply hires both full time and part time staff. Employees may need to work on a shift basis or regular work hours depending on their assigned role.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Pacific Supply

  • To apply for a job with Pacific Supply, simply log on to their website and click on the Careers section, which can be found on the left hand menu on the home page. The company does not list the jobs on their site but they do state the roles that they commonly hire for. Furthermore, an email address is also provided. Interested applicants can email their resume to Pacific Supply’s hiring team, specifying the role that they wish to apply for.
  • If you do not already have a professional resume, you can use an online template to make one. Resumes are important and an application is not considered complete unless accompanied by a cover letter and a resume.

Most Common Positions At Pacific Supply & Income Information

Pacific supply hires people for roles ranging from truck drivers to managerial positions. They most commonly hire for logistics, customer service, and administrative and sales departments. Managerial positions are also made available occasionally. The income depends on the job and both monthly salary and per hour pay packages are available. Both full time and part time positions are available.

Pacific Supply Benefits

In line with the company’s belief that employee career development is important, training and career support is provided. Furthermore, employees are also trained and educated about workplace safety so as to minimize the number of accidents. Apart from training, employee’s medical, dental and vision examinations are partially or fully covered by the company. Profit sharing, life insurance and gym memberships are just some of the benefits offered to Pacific Supply’s employees. In addition to these, career onboarding training and 12 month managerial training programs are also part of the employee benefit and development program.

To visit Pacific Supply’s website click here.

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