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Turner Construction
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Turner Construction Job Application Online

Turner Construction Company, a subsidiary of international construction firm, HOCHTIEF AG, (which also owns the Leighton Group in Australia) was founded in 1902 by Henry C. Turner.  HOCHTIEF have their headquarters in Essen, Germany while Turner Construction has its headquarters in New York.  Reporting annual revenues of almost $8 billion, Turner Construction is one of the largest construction companies in the United States.

Turner Construction provides services to a variety of industries, including pharmaceutical, aviation and commercial construction. Our company has been involved in any large scale building projects across the U.S. – Yankee Stadium, U.C. Center for Biomedical Discovery in Chicago, Illinois and the Headquarters of Nintendo of America in Redmond, WA.

If you want a career with a leading construction company, then Turner Construction Company is worth your attention. Given the size of its projects, Turner Construction needs to hire several employees at all levels now so check out our current job vacancies and see if you can begin or continue your career with a construction industry leader.

Turner Construction Company – Current Jobs Available

You are invited to submit a Company application form for any of the following positions:

Field Engineer, Engineer, Logistics Furniture Project Manager.

Minimum Employment Age At Turner Construction:

Turner Construction Company welcomes online applications from all applicants of eighteen years (18) or older.

Turner Construction Store Hours

Hours vary relative to location – please check our web-site for the opening hours at the branch nearest to you.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Turner Construction

  •         Read all information about the position/s that interests you.
  •         Take your time while filling out the application form.
  •         Make sure you complete all questions on the application form.
  •         Make sure the information you provide is correct.
  •        Check that you haven’t skipped any section.
  •        Read over your application to check for spelling and grammar mistakes.
  •       Sign the form.
  •       Check one last time that everything has been answered, all mistakes corrected and you have signed your form – then submit it.
  •       Some jobs require additional documentation and/or a professional resumé – carefully read the description of the job/s for which you are applying and ensure you have included all material requested.

Most Common Positions At Turner Construction & Income Information

Turner Construction employs people at all levels and there are many openings in both administration and construction. Entry-level positions with Turner Construction offer a great opportunity to learn the job – whether in the office or on a building site – on the ground, by assisting more senior and experienced employees.  Professional positions within the Company are many and varied and offer an opportunity to come on board with one of the biggest, most dynamic construction companies in the U.S.

Turner Construction Benefits

Employees of Turner Construction enjoy several benefits.  To begin with, we are very happy to say that all pay rates – including those of part-time workers – are competitive.  In addition to competitive rates of pay, Turner Construction offers flexible scheduling and extensive, comprehensive job training.  Turner Construction is happy to show its appreciation for its workforce and offers generous perks including, healthcare, paid time off and 401(k) retirement schemes.  Fill out the online Turner Construction job application on our Jobs Page and you might start earning the salary and benefits package you want in a new construction career.

To visit Turner Construction’s website click here.

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