Financial Services Jobs

Are you interested in math, good with people and have a desire to invest?  If you are savvy with numbers, mild mannered and precise, a financial services job may be just for you.  It requires someone who knows how to work methodically, communicate clearly and professionally with clients and has an eye for details.

This is a great job for a person who likes to investigate.  Those who find balancing a checkbook or searching for differences in monthly spending interesting will find this type of job both rewarding and with time, well compensated.  Financial service jobs can be found in banking, stock marketing, brokerage houses, credit card companies and more.  They like someone who has some knowledge but in many cases prefer to find qualified individuals who they can train.  Some entry level positions do not require experience.

A money service rep must also look the part.  If you want to get a financial services job, a tailored, respectful look about you this would be better than a flashier look.  At the bank, the money is the star. Banks and other financial service institutions look for people who are both qualified and promote trust, so clients are secure in knowing that their money is being handled wisely.

At Bank of America, over 300,000 service representatives are needed to handle our nation’s business.  Some work in the branches and have direct contact with bank customers.  Others work on the telephone to answer questions about service charges or to help clients qualify for loans.   Once a client is pre-qualified, this information is passed along to a credit analyst or credit manager to take the loan to the next step.

While there a lot of financial services jobs, it is quite competitive for most positions. However, to learn want your competition doesn’t know read 7 Secrets To Getting Hired, our free report that has helped 85% readers get hired.

Loan officers are often bank employees who show the ability to follow directions and who are capable of learning new things.  A loan officer must be precise and hospitable, someone who is able reassure a worried client.  This person must be both knowledgeable and precise with the right answer – even if it is “I don’t know, but I will find someone who does”.  This individual must be calm, reassuring, never flustered or insecure.  He or she must also patiently do his/her sums to not allow careless mistakes which can be very costly indeed.  By their nature, they inspire trust, loyalty and long term association with the financial institution at hand.

In the trading arena you will find positions like stock broker, bond salesmen and junior staff members.  Not just the stock market, trading firms across the US help clients manage and risk extra funds to reap a higher net reward.  No matter the size and the type of financial services company, these firms always need someone to create spreadsheets on the computer.  A newbie in the financial services industry will check foreign currency rates, do plenty of number-crunching, and support the daily operations of the firm, however needed.

No need to feel shy about applying for a financial services job.  There are plenty of workers with high school working at computers and learning something new every day.  If you think this kind of work appeals to you, best fill out an online application for a financial services job and try to get in.  Almost every citizen belongs to at least one bank, and these institutions need new customer service representatives on an ongoing basis.


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