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Approved Cash Advance Application – Apply Online At Approved Cash Advance Today

Approved Cash Advance Job Application Online

Approved Cash Advance was founded in 2004. There are now over 200 stores in eight states.  If you live in Michigan, Virginia, Tennessee, South Carolina, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, or Oklahoma, check this business out for employment opportunities.  Specializing in cash advances for those who are experiencing a temporary shortage of available funds, they have added their Tax Preparation and Refund Anticipation Loans.  With the fast growth of this company, they are always looking to hire people with strong customer service background.  If you are a high-school graduate or have a GED, you may want to begin a career with Approved Cash Advance as a representative.  Since this company does promote within its ranks, after a few years the opportunity for advancement could present itself.  If you have a college education, start by considering a management position.  They expect their managers to be driven by a customer service first attitude.  Managers should also have some experience either in the financial services or in collections if they want to fast track a career.  More than any other qualification, you need to be team oriented.  To become a member of this prestigious institution, fill out and submit your Approved Cash Advance online application for employment.

Approved Cash Advance Jobs Available

Approved Cash Advance is experiencing a fast expansion at this time.  As a result, the following jobs are available in many areas: Managers, Assistant Managers, and Customer Service Representatives are needed in select locations. Check your local areas before filling out the Approved Cash Advance application online.

Minimum Employment Age At Approved Cash Advance:

In most locations, you must be at least 18years of age to submit an Approved Cash Advance job application online.

Approved Cash Advance Store Hours

Approved Cash Advance stores are open Monday – Thursday 10:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m., on Friday and Saturday from 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. and on Sunday from Noon to 8:00 p.m.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Approved Cash Advance

  • Since this is an office or bank type atmosphere, be sure to dress in nice clothes and appropriate footwear.  In other words, no jeans and sneakers.
  • If you have experience or have taken classes in financial services or collections, make it known to your interviewer to gain an edge.
  • This is the time to “blow your own horn” and explain why you would be an asset to this employer.  Tell the interviewer how specifically you would enhance their business long term.  Are you good at public speaking, perhaps?
  • Know as much as you can about the company’s history, search for jobs, and submit your Approved Cash Advance online application.

Most Common Positions At Approved Cash Advance & Income Information

Approved Cash Advance has only three positions:  Manager, Assistant Manager or Customer Service Representative.  This is an office type environment where professional clothing is expected to be worn.  Each location sets its own wages but all wages are appropriately competitive. To take advantage of these opportunities, visit the website to submit your Approved Cash Advance job application.

Approved Cash Advance Benefits

Approved Cash Advance offers medical, dental and life insurance options and a bonus program in which all employees may participate.  The company has excellent hours and shifts available for all employees. To learn more about these benefits, submit your Approved Cash Advance application today.

To visit Approved Cash Advance’s website click here.

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