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Jackson Hewitt Application – Apply Online At Jackson Hewitt Today

Jackson Hewitt Job Application Online

Jackson Hewitt, officially Jackson Hewitt Tax Service, is a franchise business with 6,600 franchise and company owned offices throughout the United States. They help individuals prepare state and federal tax returns. With so many offices, Jackson Hewitt is always seeking to hire office staff and tax preparers, particularly during tax season every year. If you have an interest in the financial industry or in doing clerical or administrative work, a Jackson Hewitt online application could get you started in a fulfilling career.

Jackson Hewitt Jobs Available

Jackson Hewitt is always hiring tax preparers to staff their many offices. They even offer a tax preparation school to students who want to learn how to earn extra money preparing taxes; some go on to work for Jackson Hewitt itself. If you have experience in preparing taxes, submit your Jackson Hewitt application form for tax preparer.

Corporate jobs such as sales director are available through the main Jackson Hewitt website. To find out what jobs are available in local franchises and offices near you, contact those offices. They hire office workers who answer phones, make appointments and carry out other basic administrative duties.

Minimum Employment Age At Jackson Hewitt:

Fill out a Jackson Hewitt job application form if you’re 18 or older.

Jackson Hewitt Store Hours

For the convenience of their customers, Jackson Hewitt remains open from 9:00am to 5:00pm, Monday through Friday, and 9:00am to 1:00pm on Saturday. They’re closed on Sunday.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Jackson Hewitt

If you wish to submit a Jackson Hewitt online application for employment, you have one of two ways you can go. The main Jackson Hewitt website lists corporate jobs and Jackson Hewitt applications for tax preparer positions. You may apply specifically for one of those by submitting your resume, or fill out a general Jackson Hewitt job application.

If you are looking for work at a local branch, especially entry level work such as office work or sales, then you should visit that branch to inquire about job openings. If you can, meet the person in charge of hiring and introduce yourself. Ask if they have a Jackson Hewitt job application online.

The interview process could involve more than one interview. You may need to pass a drug test and background test. Always dress professionally, show up a little early, and follow up afterwards with a phone call or thank you note. Smile, look them in the eye and speak confidently. Demonstrate enthusiasm for the work and knowledge about what will be expected of you.

Most Common Positions At Jackson Hewitt & Income Information

Jackson Hewitt hires a wide variety of professionals, but the most common positions are those of tax preparer. They do the basic work of the company, which is to help people prepare their taxes. If you have experience or training as a tax preparer, then you should apply immediately. If you don’t have those but would like to, consider enrolling in their tax preparation classes as a beginning. Pay rates are competitive within the industry.

Jackson Hewitt Benefits

Those who qualify could earn benefits such as medical, dental and vision coverage; life insurance; 401k retirement accounts; paid vacation and holiday time, and paid sick leave.

To visit Jackson Hewitt’s website click here.

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