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Liberty Tax Service Application – Apply Online At Liberty Tax Service Today

Liberty Tax Service Job Application Online

Liberty Tax Service is one of the largest personal tax preparation companies in the world. They’re a franchise business, with thousands of franchises located in the United States and Canada. You may remember them as the business that, come every tax season, has someone dressed like the Statue of Liberty standing out front.

Liberty Tax Service has plenty of jobs for both professional and entry-level applicants. Whether you only want to get some work experience, or whether you want to enter a business that might allow you to one day own your own business, a Liberty Tax Service online application for employment could set you on your way.

Liberty Tax Service Jobs Available

Seasonal jobs are particularly available throughout every spring at Liberty Tax Service. Entry level jobs include banner wavers, marketing managers and bilingual customer service representatives. Marketing managers do work like distributing coupons, organizing community events, entering data on computers, and engaging in what they call “guerilla marketing tactics.” Bilingual representatives (English and Spanish) should have a minimal amount of experience, and assist Spanish speaking customers in filling out their tax returns.If you have previous experience with tax preparation, as little as one year, you may be able to get a job as a tax preparer. Make your Liberty Tax Service job application online for one of these or other positions.

Minimum Employment Age At Liberty Tax Service:

You only have to be 16 to qualify for a Liberty Tax Service job application.

Liberty Tax Service Store Hours

Liberty Tax Service offices are open from 9:00am to 9:00pm every weekday.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Liberty Tax Service

The best way submit a Liberty Tax Service online application is through their website, which provides comprehensive descriptions of each job. You may also go by your local Liberty Tax Service branch to ask the management there about a Liberty Tax Service job application form. If you meet the person in charge of hiring and make a good impression, you will increase your chances of being hired.

Choose your Liberty Tax Service application according to your level of experience and education. Fill it out accurately and completely. If appropriate, include a recent resume and cover letter explaining why you would be perfect for the work. If you are chosen for an interview, dress nicely, smile and make eye contact. Demonstrate energy and enthusiasm, especially for the marketing jobs, and excellent customer service skills.

Most Common Positions At Liberty Tax Service & Income Information

The most common available positions at Liberty Tax Service are seasonal entry level jobs in marketing, and positions as tax preparers. Tax preparer require experience, but not extensive experience, while the marketing positions are perfect for those just starting out in the work force. Such jobs usually pay from minimum wage up to about $10 an hour.

Liberty Tax Service Benefits

Employees who qualify may receive benefits such as healthcare coverage, retirement accounts and paid time off. Temporary and seasonal jobs may not qualify for benefits, but those who get experience in seasonal work might have the chance to transition to more permanent jobs, and perhaps even to purchase and own their own franchise someday. A Liberty Tax Service application form could be the key to your future.

To visit Liberty Tax Service’s website click here.

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