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Payday Advance Application – Apply Online At Payday Advance Today

Payday Advance Job Application Online

Payday Advance is a chain of short-term loan stores owned by Cash America International. Cash America International also operates pawn shops and other businesses designed to put cash into the hands of people who need it now. Payday loans are small, short-term loans (usually up to two weeks) against a person’s next paycheck. They allow people who find themselves with a momentary cash shortfall to avoid bouncing a check or harming their credit rating by paying a bill late. Payday Advance stores are located all around the country; locate one or more near to you with a simple search on the Cash America company website.

Payday Advance Jobs Available

Payday Advance stores are small and simple. They employ sales associates, loan associates, assistant managers and store managers. Starting out, sales associates assist customers, answer telephones, schedule appointments and do other simple clerical tasks as required. If you stay you can graduate up to a managerial positions. A Payday Advance online application may also give you access to the other businesses within the Cash America empire, such as Cash America Pawn, or to their corporate main offices. Cash America International also operates Enova Financial, an online lending institution.

Minimum Employment Age At Payday Advance:

You should be 18 years old to submit a Payday Advance job application form.

Payday Advance Store Hours

Payday Advance stores are open Monday to Friday, 10:00am to 8:00pm; Saturday, 10:00am to 6:00pm; and Sunday 12:00pm to 5:00pm.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Payday Advance

If you wish to fill out a Payday Advance application form you can search for job listings on the company website and fill out the Payday Advance online application for employment found there. You can also contact a Payday Advance store near you to find out what their openings are, and request a Payday Advance job application from them.

Treat your Payday Advance application carefully, filling out every section properly and completely. You should never lie on a job application. To increase your chances of being hired, go by your local branch and talk to the manager there about your desire to work. Present yourself as eager to work and interested in the business. The same is true for an interview. They will want to know that you are reliable, that you can do the required work, and that you are willing to work the hours they need you for. Dress nicely, smile, and show that you have good people skills.

Most Common Positions At Payday Advance & Income Information

The easiest job to find through a Payday Advance job application online or in person will be an entry-level position. The work will be easy, requiring little to no experience, and if you work hard you can move up in the business pay. Pay is fair and similar to what you would receive in entry level positions at other companies.

Payday Advance Benefits

Working at Payday Advance gives you the advantage of flexible hours and on-the-job training. Eligible employees receive benefits like health insurance, retirement accounts and paid time off. Even if you don’t see your entire career there, you can receive valuable work experience and a fair wage while you plan further for your future.

To visit Payday Advance’s website click here.

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