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Quik Cash Job Application Online

Quik Cash is a large chain of payday loan stores. Payday, or quick, loans provide small loans to people who need cash right now before their next paycheck comes in. All loans are designed to be paid back within two weeks. This is considered a valuable service to people who would otherwise have to suffer from bounced checks or overdue penalties on their bills. QC, Quik Cash’s parent company, also provides personal loans of various sorts for people who may have trouble getting a loan from a conventional bank. With 500 locations in 20 states, Quik Cash is a flourishing company in a growing business. Not only does it provide entry-level job opportunities, but the chance to enter a successful industry and gain a long-term career.

Quik Cash Jobs Available

Quik Cash hires customer service representatives, loan specialists and managers. Entry level positions are most likely for customer service representatives, who deal with customers, make appointments, answer phones and do other necessary work. As you get to know the business you will have opportunities to move up into supervisory positions. Submit a Quik Cash job application form to a branch near you to begin a new line of work.

Minimum Employment Age At Quik Cash:

You should be 18 to fill out a Quik Cash job application.

Quik Cash Store Hours

Quik Cash stores usually keep the following hours: Monday to Thursday, 9:00am to 7:00pm; Friday, 9:00am to 8:00pm; and Saturday 9:00am-5:00pm. They’re closed on Sundays.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Quik Cash

Apply for a job using the Quik Cash online application on the QC company website. Your other choice is to visit a Quik Cash store near you and ask for a Quik Cash application form there. One may or may not be available, but if you have the chance to turn it in in person, introducing yourself to the manager on duty, you will increase your chances of getting the job by a lot. If they don’t have one you can still fill out a Quik Cash job application online.

Take your time with your Quik Cash online application for employment. Don’t skip anything and provide the most complete information. If you can, submit a cover letter explaining your interest in working for the company. Following your Quik Cash application you may be contacted about an interview. Be sure to dress nicely and be ready to answer questions about your hours of availability and your reasons for wanting to work there. Applicants for professional positions may be asked about training and work qualifications.

Most Common Positions At Quik Cash & Income Information

Quik Cash hires many entry-level positions, both full and part time. Starting out you will probably do basic clerical and customer service work such as manning the front desk and answering telephones. Pay will not be a lot starting out, but similar to entry-level jobs in other industries, and may increase over time.

Quik Cash Benefits

Qualified employees could receive benefits such as healthcare coverage, retirement accounts and paid time off. Working there provides you with a flexible schedule, valuable work experience, and a start in the quick loan industry, if you’re interested in pursuing a career there.

To visit Quik Cash’s website click here.

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