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United Check Cashing Job Application Online

With a history dating as far back as 1977, United Check Cashing is a true veteran of the industry. The brand began franchising in 1992 and has so far helped in the establishment and opening of no less than 113 units spanning a full 13 states. Today, UCC helps hundreds of thousands of people each and every year with their everyday financial needs, with a range of services tailored toward modern living. Where the services of the big banks come to an end, UCC steps in with exceptional customer service, wonderfully affordable products and a warm, welcoming environment. Check out the United Check Cashing Online application process today and see if you’ve got what it takes to join up.

United Check Cashing Jobs Available

You can try your hand at a United Check Cashing application for a variety of posts, which include customer service representatives, cashiers, financial advisors, administrator, supervisor, manager and franchise owner.

How Can I Get a Job at United Check Cashing?

Positions to suit all levels of skill and experience are on offer at UCC, so you don’t necessarily need to be qualified in any one specific area. Instead, it’s more important that you have a genuine love for helping the general public, possess excellent numeracy skills and have the desire to succeed. If you can tick all such boxes, the United Check Cashing Online application form  could be for you.

Where Can I Apply at United Check Cashing?

You won’t find a United Check Cashing job application via the firm’s main website as all positions and attributing factors vary in accordance with state. As such, in order to apply for a position you need to either make personal contact with the unit of interest to you, or speak to the head office for the brand via http://www.unitedcheckcashing.com/careers.asp. You can also start your United Check Cashing application process by filling out the online form at the above address.

Minimum Employment Age At United Check Cashing

The United Check Cashing application is open to applicants above the age of 18, though older applicants with industry experience and particularly welcome to join up.

United Check Cashing Store Hours

Again, the hours you’ll be expected to work vary a great deal depending on the state in which you will work and the nature of the franchise. All offices open standard business hours form Monday to Friday, though in order to accommodate customers who likewise work full-time hours most units will open for limited hours in the evening and also on Saturdays. Contact your chosen branch for more details.

Most Common Positions at United Check Cashing & Income Information

The company relies heavily on it customer service staff to get by, as these are individuals that take care of most daily duties. As an entry-level customer service worker you’ll be expected to serve as the first port of call for all new and returning customers, help them find the best financial products to suit and generally keep things running. Income varies in accordance with hours worked and the location of the office.

United Check Cashing Benefits

A successful United Check Cashing Online application for employment will always lead to competitive rates of pay and job security, but could also open the door to bonus schemes, paid vacations, health plans, dental cover and so much more.




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