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Waddell And Reed Application – Apply Online At Waddell And Reed Today

Waddell And Reed Job Application Online

Wadell and Reed is one of the most prestigious financial services organizations in the country, providing financial planning advice and investment services such as asset management, mutual funds, insurance and more. Their mutual funds provide proven returns to their investors. They are based in Overland Park, Kansas, but with offices located around the country. Working for Waddell and Reed would give you a place in an established, respected company, and a beginning in the financial services industry. Motivated and hardworking employees in any department can make successful and rewarding careers for themselves. A Wadell and Reed job application is the first step toward involvement in this exciting business.

Wadell and Reed Jobs Available

Wadell and Reed hires for two types of positions: corporate jobs and financial advisors. Financial advisors work  all over the country representing the company and assisting new customers in choosing from their products and services. If you have a four year college degree or more, you are welcome to submit a Wadell and Reed online application to join their team of financial advisors. Corporate jobs are many and varied. Most of them require degrees or previous job experience, but some entry-level positions may be available in customer service, facilities and other supporting departments. An example of an entry-level position at Wadell and Reed is a clerical or office associate position, requiring answering phones, scheduling appointments and similar duties.

Minimum Employment Age At Waddell And Reed:

No Wadell and Reed application form requires you to be less than 18 years of age.

Waddell And Reed Store Hours

Usual office hours are Monday to Friday, 8:30am to 5:00pm; and Saturday, 10:00am to 3:00pm.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Waddell And Reed

You may make your Wadell and Reed online application for employment through the company website. Read the job requirements for each job carefully, being sure that you qualify before applying. If you wish to submit a Wadell and Reed job application form for office work at a local branch office near you, then you should contact that office to inquire about openings.

Applicants who get called for interviews should come early and dress professionally. Show yourself to be confident, outgoing and enthusiastic about the work. You should hear from a hiring representative about a week after you submit your Wadell and Reed application; expect the interview process to take about another week. You may be required to pass several rounds of interviews, as well as drug and personality tests and background screenings. Strive to impress and follow up afterwards with a thank you note or phone call to demonstrate your interest in the job.

Most Common Positions At Waddell And Reed & Income Information

A Wadell and Reed job application online will demonstrate that most jobs at Wadell and Reed are for professional positions requiring specialized education, training or experience. Wadell and Reed offers competitive pay with opportunities for advancement through the company.

Waddell And Reed Benefits

Wadell and Reed offers an outstanding variety of benefits to their employees who qualify. Besides a full range of insurance they have 401ks, pension plans, financial planning and education assistance.  The corporate campus has a fitness center on it, and paid time off includes vacation and  holiday pay, major and minor illness pay and excused days.

To visit Waddell And Reed’s website click here.

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